Granddaughter Tatyana Vasilyeva suffered at the hands of a nanny

Внучка Татьяны Васильевой пострадала от рук няни A little Myrrh for the first time entrusted to a stranger. Daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva Maria said, sobbing daughter she almost exploded heart. The family still decided to pay the elderly woman for services and release it to the world.
Внучка Татьяны Васильевой пострадала от рук няни

Daughter-in-law of a famous actress Tatyana Vasilyeva Maria Bolonkina-Vasilyev said in microblogging creepy story that recently happened to her young daughter, nine-month Myrrh.

The young woman occupied in the play and was forced to enlist the help of a nanny. Just needed a little sit down with the baby in the dressing room, while mom, dad and grandma playing on stage. The elderly ladies had great recommendations, and therefore Bolonkina Maria Vasilyeva, though with caution, but decided to trust his daughter Myrrh a strange woman. It turned out that she did it in vain. First, the nanny fed the girl, which was not at all hungry.

“Myrrh came to the theater in white socks and belosnejnaya t-shirt (we wanted beautiful to see grandma Tanya, because she hadn’t spoken in over a month). I went to repeat the text. After 10 minutes from the next dressing room I heard the heart-rending cry of Myrrh. It turned out that the child was “crazy hungry” and fed him. Shit was all about! Even the stroller got. On the face was a savage fight Myrrh with food. When I said that the child was fed half an hour ago and in General we approximate modal baby, I heard: “I can see, I have this experience,” shared Maria Bolonkina subscribers microblog.

But as it turned out, it was only flowers, berries ahead. After the performance, a young mother saw a depressing picture, from which she almost broke heart.

“After the performance, a cry of Myrrh got to my dressing room where I left Mirra a nanny, and somehow Tatiana Grigorievna kept the Myrrh, because the babysitter, not knowing what brought her there. Mirra hiccupped from long ora another two hours, and my heart was broken,” continued the actress.

Nevertheless, the family decided to pay the woman who brought the baby into hysterics, and release it to the world. Now a young mother is concerned about finding a new nanny who would temporarily stay with Myrrh.

Subscribers will Blankenau Maria Vasilyeva expressed her sympathy. They understand the emotions of a mother, a child which really hurt. But on the other hand, Mary was given to understand that she is also to blame in this situation. “I read, my heart sank, I couldn’t cope with myself and would have definitely done something to this grandmother,” “Oh… I read that and my heart stops”, “What a terrible experience”, “Once a child is linked strongly to you, it is necessary to gradually introduce the person to the family. The babysitter needs to come to the child and to communicate in your presence. At least a week”, – such opinion was expressed by the followers of the actress.