Granddaughter Tatyana Vasilyeva Mirra picked up the virus in Turkey

Внучка Татьяны Васильевой Мирра подхватила вирус в Турции

During the rest of the family of Tatyana Vasilyeva, a 10-month Mirra was feeling bad. Her temperature climbed to 40, and the skin there is not a normal rash. The daughter of the actress worried that it might be the Coxsackie virus, which is now raging on the coast of Turkey, where the family has a rest.

Внучка Татьяны Васильевой Мирра подхватила вирус в Турции

Family Vasilyeva is now under stress, because you just don’t know what to do with the sick girl. Maria Bolonkina-Vasiliev — the daughter of the famous actress and the mother Mirra told in social networks detailed the symptoms of a strange disease baby.

“The temperature of 40, Myrrh is not crying, and yelling, we don’t know how to help.. in the end, put a candle antipyretic and fell asleep. For the first time, Mirra was sleeping with us. Because I shook it right in bed,” began her story overwhelmed mom.

After the disease Myrrh, the family had to relive the horror. Her condition is very bad. The family took the child to the hospital and got the answer “virus”.

“The next day, Mirra slept almost all the time. Temperature, as soon as we down — climbed again to 40. Noticed a rash on the back. By evening, the Myrrh didn’t come up, spent hours lying in the hands of Philip and groaned. We are horrified I went to the hospital. The doctor then examined the palm of your hand and heels (there is nothing), looked in his mouth, paused and ran away. I asked the nurse to bring him back to the rash on the back and looked, but immediately ran to the doctor with an interpreter and said that we have something viral, a rash is allergic, appetite is lost due to poisoning, throat bad. Mirra has been on a drip for 6 hours” horror says Maria.

Внучка Татьяны Васильевой Мирра подхватила вирус в Турции

Next day, her condition did not improve and only got worse. The girl could not eat, cried all the time due to high temperature and her body was completely covered with allergic rash. Her parents sent her for tests in Moscow, and received a terrifying diagnosis: Coxsackie virus.

The insurance company is unable at this time to send the family back to Russia because they need an exact confirmation of doctors that it is Coxsackie virus. The parents of the baby were confident that the virus will pass them by. They did not even know that the smallest member of their family will pick up the ill-fated sickness, and they become hostages of their own hotel room on vacation.

“We are ready to buy the tickets themselves and on the Lam, but a travel agent say that we can not release from the country. We are sitting in the room, in turn, swing the Myrrh, to eat, to go do not have time. Feel like hostages. Hostages of their own naivety. We were positive that this will not happen”, — the story Bolonkina-Vasileva about the events.

Tatyana added the entry of Mary to my profile. Fans are supporting the family with kind comments. A urge family is praying that the symptoms are gone and they safely reached home.