Внучка Татьяны Васильевой подхватила смертельно опасный вирус Mirra had a fever and rash. The girl’s parents don’t know what to do. According to daughter-in-law Tatyana Vasilyeva, Maria, the child could get sick with Coxsackie virus, as they are on holiday in Turkey.
Внучка Татьяны Васильевой подхватила смертельно опасный вирус

Family actress Tatyana Vasilyeva was experiencing severe stress because of feelings of a little Myrrh. Ten-month child vacationing with his parents in Turkey. Resorts now raging Coxsackie virus. According to sister Maria Bononcini Vasilyeva baby could catch the infection. Overwhelmed mom said that Myrrh has a high fever and rash. The young woman described in detail all the symptoms on the page in a social network.

“The temperature of 40, Myrrh is not crying, and yelling, we don’t know how to help.. in the end, put a candle antipyretic and fell asleep. For the first time, Mirra was sleeping with us. Because I shook it right in bed. The next day, Mirra slept almost all the time. Temperature, as soon as we down — climbed again to 40. Noticed a rash on the back. By evening, the Myrrh didn’t come up, spent hours lying in the hands of Philip and groaned. We are horrified I went to the hospital. The doctor then examined the palm of your hand and heels (there is nothing), looked in his mouth, paused and ran away. I asked the nurse to bring him back to the rash on the back and looked, but immediately ran to the doctor with an interpreter and said that we have something viral, a rash is allergic, appetite is lost due to poisoning, throat bad. Mirra has been on a drip for 6 hours,” shared Maria.

According to sister Vasilyeva, the next day, the girl couldn’t eat, crying constantly, and her body was covered in a rash. When the parents sent the baby tests in Moscow, they were told that the child picked up the Coxsackie virus.

Everything else, the insurance company refuses to send a family home in Russia, as they need confirmation from the medical experts from the hospital that the child is really the virus.

“We are ready to buy the tickets themselves and on the Lam, but a travel agent say that we can not release from the country. We are sitting in the room, in turn, swing the Myrrh, to eat, to go do not have time. Feel like hostages. Hostages of their own naivety. We were positive that this will not happen,” – said alarmed Bolonkina-Vasileva.

Tatyana did repost the entry Mary. Fans of comic artist suggest their family to pray for her baby’s health. “Read any prayer and we will ask the blessed virgin to your Mirra recovered!”, “Mirochka will recover, I wish you patience and strength”, “Poor, wanted to relax, and the horror experienced when a child gets sick, even hung up, so scared for him, and even in another country,” – said in comments the users of social networks.