Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru thanked the grandmother for the support

Внучка Софии Ротару благодарит бабушку за поддержку Young Sofia Yevdokymenko ponders future profession. Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru intends to connect his life with the modeling business. She is glad that relatives support her in this endeavor.

      Granddaughter of national artist of the USSR Sofia Rotaru Sofia Yevdokymenko long tipped success in the modeling business. Big brother girls Anatoly enjoys photography, and therefore under the scope of his lens often gets sister. 15-year-old girl often takes part in various shows, but she used to treat this nothing more as entertainment. However, now the tenth-grader spends much time working in the fashion industry. She is glad that the Granny supported her first steps in this field and even allowed to skip school for the sake of a foreign show. Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru tipped as a future supermodel

      “Grandma never impose their views — it supports me come what may. In the fall, for example, we had to quickly decide if I can fly to Madrid during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, middle of the work week, rogulev few days of school — and my grandmother supported. Said, if this is important to me, I need to go,” admitted Evdokimenko.

      Now 15-year-old Sofia collaborates with several designers and participate in fashion photo shoots. Also, she is gaining popularity in social networks. For her life see almost 20 thousand people. They are happy to see images of the successor of the celebrities and are confident that it can easily become a successful supermodel. She Evdokimenko not sure yet what she wants to do a lifetime, however, I realized that she’s attracted to creative professions, therefore, intends to consider certain specialty. While the “sophomore” attracted by the fashion industry.

      “I want to develop it, to know it from all sides. It is useful to look at this industry from all possible angles, so I often see how working photographers, editors, models, read books about the great world of fashion (now, for example, about grace Coddington), absorb it all, analyze. This has not yet led to any definite decision, but I know I’m going to take the University. I think I’ll be able to go in the right direction. The more that I support the whole family,” admitted Evdokimenko in an interview with Buro247.