Granddaughter of Vasily Livanov after the scandal lives with her parents

Внучка Василия Ливанова после громкого скандала живет с родителями The actor spoke about the difficult situation in his family. Vasily Livanov believes that his granddaughter’s parents are adults and will be able to solve all the problems. For the actor and his wife most importantly, the girl was happy.

      Внучка Василия Ливанова после громкого скандала живет с родителями

      The conflict between the well-known actor Vasily Livanov and his son’s wife Boris lasts for several years. At the time, Livanov-younger was serving a sentence in prison for killing a man, the artist together with his wife Elena fought for the right to become guardians granddaughter eve. A couple of years they were the legitimate representatives of the girls, but after his release from prison, the child’s father, were transferred to it all rights. About the difficult situation in the family of Vasily Borisovich told Julia men’shovoy in the program “Alone with all”.

      “We did a lot while Bob was in custody and due to recent events, PTA limited parental rights. Boris returned home not so long ago. He decided to give up for a week with my daughter’s mother. As the week went almost three months. What will happen next – is unknown. Elena, my wife, did everything in our power. Now Boris is back, he’s the father of her granddaughter. He’s 42 years old, mother 44. Let them decide. All we want eve was happy.” – said the famous Soviet actor.

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      Recall that three months ago the ex-wife of Boris Livanov Catherine talked about the fact that eve is bad, far from mother and father, and therefore she insists that the girl was living with her. Moreover, it is claimed that the grandparents are bad for the granddaughter.

      “13-year-old Eva ran away from my grandparents to me, so what’s up with Eva all is well, don’t worry! She does not get along with them. Grandmother forbade her from seeing the boy. And the last time, when Eva returned from a late stroll, grandpa called her “a prostitute”, and my grandmother insisted on visiting the gynecologist. Then eve said, “enough is enough” and ran away. Actually Eva behaves roughly and liberties will not tolerate,” said Catherine in an interview.

      But Vasily Livanov has completely denied the information about the conflict. He and his wife claimed to have been very attentive to her granddaughter and otherwise cared for. And in early February, Boris had signed the papers officially allowing the girl to live with Catherine.

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