Granddaughter of Valentina Talyzina has grown its exact copy

Внучка Валентины Талызиной выросла ее точной копией
Anastasia prefers the same style in clothing and hairstyle, and that famous grandma.

Внучка Валентины Талызиной выросла ее точной копией

Valentina Talyzina

Photo: photo from personal archive

Granddaughter Of Valentina Talyzina Anastasia

Interview of Valentina Talyzina, which she gave to Boris
Korchevnikov came in the Studio for his program “the Destiny of man” was very
Frank. Star told him about the betrayal of the two most beloved of her
men: father and husband. My daughter Talyzina was ready to forget her husband’s infidelity
Leonid Nepomnyashchy. “And what, she is going to live a lie?” — answered Leonid’s wife. What
as for the father, then, according to the actress, even during the bombing in the Great
Patriotic war, her father had saved his lover, the beautiful Polish girl Zosia, and about
her mother thought.

Later the father went to the sweetheart from his wife and the birth of two children,
completely forgot about the existence of the eldest daughter Valentina. But it Talyzina
rescues his father from the psychiatric hospital where she was admitted … and where his
no one visited.

Later in the Studio had a daughter Talyzina and her only
granddaughter Anastasia. The latter was an exact copy of the famous actress. Young
the girl prefers the same style in hair and clothes, and Valentine. Interesting
and the fact that in the profession she decided to follow in the footsteps of Valentina, becoming
actress. Although Talyzina no secret that dissuaded her granddaughter from entering the
the theatre school.