Внучка Валентины Талызиной продолжила актерскую династию
The heiress, the actress became a student at the theatre school.

Valentina Talyzina

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Valentina Talyzina has another reason to be proud of
his granddaughter Anastasia — if earlier the girl was pleased the grandmother of success in
the ballet, now successfully passed the competition at the Higher Theatre School im.
Shchepkina and became a student of this renowned University. “I knew about the plans of the Nasty,
but it is not ready — says 7days.ru Valentine
Illarionovna. For example, I have something to tell to his scene partner
or the court, if asked, but pedagogy is not my calling. And then,
this is a very big responsibility. Nastya was engaged in the actor of Theatre of Russian
army Valera Abramov, partner of my daughter Ksenia Chairboy on the play “Wolves and
sheep” is also a professional educator, I would even say, natural born performer, he even
for some time he taught at GITIS, where she this school
he graduated from the. But there is, as far as I know, the preference for high students and
Nastia growth 168 cm,
but for the Schepkin school is just right”.

On the day of announcement of the competition results Valentine
Illarionovna departed not from the phone. “I was in the country, and Xenia in Moscow, at home,
to think about: why are we in school to “Shine”? — smiles Talyzina. — I did not feel no hands, no feet, and, in General, had nothing to do that day.
Lists received and read only at 9 PM. And finally, I waited
the long-awaited call from my daughter who gave me the good news. Very happy for
granddaughter, our family will now have a third artist, and what I particularly
nice, a namesake of my mother — Anastasia Talyzina”.

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