Внучка Олега Стриженова вновь стала мамой Alexander had a son. The family heir Natalia Strizhenovoj a fourth child. The woman was quick to share a joyous event in his and thanked all the professionals who helped her throughout the pregnancy.
Внучка Олега Стриженова вновь стала мамой

Granddaughter of the famous actor Oleg Strizhenova Alexander Golosina once again became a mother. Daughter Natalia Strizhenovoj birth to a baby boy the evening of March 26. Golosina named his son Alan. The child’s father – the husband of a young woman.

Now she is in one of the capital perinatal centers and accepts congratulations from loved ones. Golosina thanked all the experts, thanks to which the baby was born strong and healthy. This child was the fourth in her family. Alexander is also the mother of the Novel, Valerie and Elijah.

“3540, 52 cm, 19.50 – these figures I will remember for a lifetime. Childbirth from start to finish-3.5 hours. Thank you best hospital for excellent treatment, atmosphere, comfort, qualified. Thank you for my baby,” wrote Alexander in the microblog.

Followers were quick to wish the mother and the boy all the best. “Wow delivery. Although not suffered for a long time! Congratulations to you, grow healthy”, “Congratulations, dear! Health and happiness! You’re done!”, “I am very happy for you, well done,” wrote friends Golosinas.

Alexander was looking forward to a baby born, and even worried, because at the time he was supposed to appear from day to day. “The kid in the stomach, apparently, very good because no matter how I tried, it would not do, he has no plans to get out… Monday go to the hospital unless your contractions… She probably will call. Would to God that all went well. Anxiety is growing, although a CT scan suggests that the baby is all right”, – shared his experiences woman.

A few years ago, Alexander took part in the talk show “Talk show” where he said that the whole country was preparing to become a surrogate mother. Despite the fact that she signed a contract and gave birth to twins, the customers abandoned the kids. “Any maternal feelings I have for these children, nurtured them only for Mercantile interests. I left them in the child’s home, as far as I know, they have already adopted. With whom they live, I’m not interested, and look for not going,” said granddaughter Strizhenova.

Granddaughter of Oleg Strizhenova lost the baby

Golosina Alexander was born in June 1987. Her mother is Natalya Strizhenova, the daughter of actors Oleg and Marianne Strizhenovy. The heiress of the legendary artist passed away in 2003 from heart failure. Marianne Strizhenova, the first wife of Oleg Alexandrovich, had a daughter a year. Golosina not in touch with his famous relative of Alexander by Strizhenovy. In an interview with the TV host and actor was asked not to tie Alexander to their family.