Granddaughter of Nadezhda Babkina grows its copy

Внучка Надежды Бабкиной растет ее копией The star of the pop scene showed his fans the pictures of the little granddaughter of Martha, dressed in a fancy dress. On Sunday, the family of the singer celebrated the birth of a baby girl is one year. Many subscribers microblog Babkina noted the similarity of Martha with the famous grandmother.

      Внучка Надежды Бабкиной растет ее копией

      To the family of Nadezhda Babkina Sunday celebrated two joyous celebration: palm Sunday and the birthday of the little granddaughter of the singer. The girl was born a year ago, and in the summer she was baptized. Her name is Martha, and originally wanted Babkina.

      Family and friends gathered to celebrate the year of the baby in the suburban house Babkina in the atmosphere of coziness and warmth. On the festive table the main dish was fish, as the post goes, and bouquets of flowers can be regarded willow twigs. Photos of holiday pop star shared on his Instagram.

      The footage you can see a beautiful dress the birthday girl Martha: pink tights with the letters “M” and peach dress. She handed me a large pink box with a white bow as a gift. Behind a festive table have gathered mom and dad of the baby, Daniel and Tanya, the grandmother and godmother of Martha Hope.

      Admirers of Babkina comments-greetings under this photo, admiring the family idyll: “a Happy event every day, strong health little birthday girl! Let easy and fun stomping around the life of Marfa and encounters only interesting and kind people,” “All the best to You and your family”, “You are amazing! Very nice looking! Health to You all!” “How lovely! You look gorgeous!”. Many noted that Martha is very similar to the grandmother and dad.

      Nadezhda Babkina is a grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren: George, Vera and Martha. According to singer, the family must be large. She noted that the son brings to life that failed her. Babkin hoped that it will have more grandchildren. According to Hope, all the kids refuse to call her grandmother. She explained there eldest grandson George that she’s his grandmother. However, he just calls her “Nadia”. Babkin says that after a boy and middle granddaughter Faith also began to call her so, although just learning to speak. All my free time Hope spends with the kids, occasionally spoiling them with surprises and raise.

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