Внучка Людмилы Гурченко рассказала о смерти брата In the program “secrets of the stars” close friends, ex-husband and a relative of the artist told about what was the famous singer. Granddaughter Elena Gurchenko Queen first tell why she stopped communicating with her daughter Mary.
Внучка Людмилы Гурченко рассказала о смерти брата

Elena Koroleva is the only granddaughter of the national artist of the USSR Lyudmila Gurchenko. The girl rarely gives interviews but recently she dared to tell reporters what was her famous grandmother. According to her, the singer is not engaged in the education of her daughter Mary. All childhood stars the heiress spent with fifth husband, father, composer Konstantin Kuperveys.

“Kostya had time to deal with all of them. Lucy, my mom and my brother,” admitted Elena.
Внучка Людмилы Гурченко рассказала о смерти брата

Constantine Kuperveys were younger actress for 15 years. Lyudmila Markovna’s marriage to a young composer was the most lengthy.

The musician remembered the bright moments of life together with Jack.

“I had no idea that it would take this long… She got plastic surgery eyes without anesthesia, he refused because he was afraid of the swelling. And after five days she was shooting. The Professor told her: “You can lose consciousness”. She said: “I? Never!” The first plastic surgery Lucy has been in 38 years. In my opinion… Even in 42. Every four or two years she was doing,” recalled Kuperveys.
Внучка Людмилы Гурченко рассказала о смерти брата

Granddaughter Gurchenko, a negative attitude towards the famous experiments of my appearance. But the artist always wanted to look young. “I didn’t like what she did with her face. But it’s her choice, her decision, one way or another… Honestly!” – the girl admitted.

Elena told about the childhood of his mother Mary. The girl said that the woman spoke with her father Boris Andronikashvili up to eight years. Then Lyudmila Markovna has forbidden her daughter to maintain contact with the ex-spouse. The man changed the singer on the other, this offense Gurchenko not forgive him until the end of life.

“Mom with his own father spoke years up to seven or eight then was delivered the ban. We didn’t even know when my grandfather died,” – said the Queen.
Внучка Людмилы Гурченко рассказала о смерти брата

Friend Gurchenko Inna Vyhodceva, in turn, said that the actress was severely reprimanded the daughter for bad grades. After school the little Mary went to the famous mom at the rehearsal, where she was strictly checked by the diary of a girl.

“Lucy would say: “This thick Georgian again got an f!”. She was such a person who had concealed these my feelings, but of course she loved Mary,” – said Vykhodtsev.

Friend Gurchenko also noted that the last time you saw Maria a few days before her death. The woman warned that the feeling.

The granddaughter of the artist described how it left the life of her brother, beloved grandson of Jack – mark. The young man in the late 90s died of a drug overdose.

“The parents noticed too late, sorry… I’m sure that Lucy knew about this situation, and I have a feeling that she wanted to help. But some she had her reasons, and she was unable to help. He was sent to England for treatment. It was also an opportunity to remove him from “bad” companies to change the environment. And as far as I know, on the part of Lucy was no help,” acknowledged Elena.