Granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev looking for the disappeared inheritance

Правнучка Леонида Брежнева ищет исчезнувшее наследство Galina Filippova trying to solve the financial problems. Granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev only recently buried mother. Her grandmother loved jewelry, but now she can’t find the missing jewelry.
Правнучка Леонида Брежнева ищет исчезнувшее наследство

6 January Leonid Brezhnev’s granddaughter, Victoria Filippova died from cancer. She is survived by her daughter Galina, who for some time was treated in the mental hospital, and then complained about the lack of apartments and residence. Now, however, the great-granddaughter of General Secretary of the USSR decided the housing issue – she had property in the suburbs. Galina rents an apartment to rent. Granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev died of cancer

Many will remember that the daughter of Leonid Brezhnev Galina Leonidovna was a lot of jewelry. Now no one knows what happened to all the untold wealth owned by the heirs of the head of the huge state.

Dmitry Borisov in the program “Let them talk” show interview, which gave Victoria Filippova shortly before his death. She recalled that after the exchange of the apartments in grenade alley – two small, she had to receive large monetary compensation, but the amount for exchange is not paid.

Правнучка Леонида Брежнева ищет исчезнувшее наследство

The great-granddaughter Galina Brezhnev worried about the inheritance which belongs to it by right. She is now 44 years old, it is not going to get married, and have children – because of a difficult financial situation.

“What worries me a lot, not only in connection with inheritance, but with my wealth,” said the woman.

Now Galina knows what happened to the jewels grandmother. Half-sister her mother Natalia Milaeva admitted that Brezhnev’s daughter adored jewelry.

“No idea about the money and jewels she loved our father bought, and what happened – don’t know,” said the woman.

As it turned out, after the memorial, Victoria Filippova relatives began to discuss where he could get the property which belonged to her. They counted at least four apartments, two of which were in the center of Moscow. Family granddaughter Brezhnev remembered that she had housing on Novinsky Boulevard, a five-room apartment. One day a woman came there, and turned out there have been living as strangers.

Also relatives of Galina Leonidovna suggested that her addiction to alcohol didn’t just appear.

“A lot of people stuck who were fed and did so. Found little weakness and began to do his business, apartments, all that can be squeezed, as it is trouble-free,” – said Alexander milaev.

Relatives remembered in this special case the famous dacha of Leonid Brezhnev kept the jewels, who suddenly disappeared. If Galina will find jewelry, she will receive a fabulous inheritance.

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