Granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev died of cancer

Внучка Леонида Брежнева скончалась от рака Half brother and sister are unable to save the woman from disease. Victoria Filippova died during the Christmas holidays. She never talked about that suffers from cancer, but because no one in my family could help her.
Внучка Леонида Брежнева скончалась от рака

During the Christmas holidays, the granddaughter of General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, Victoria Filippova died at the age of 65 years. She gave a Frank interview to Dmitry Borisov. For a long time Victoria E. refused from communication with journalists, but made an exception for the program “Let them talk”. She said that previously preferred to keep secret.

Victoria Filippova remembered that she had a neutral relationship with her mother Galina. According to her, the mother almost did not participate in her upbringing. The granddaughter of the Secretary General didn’t feel sorry for the parent, who at the end of life has been in a nursing home. The woman admitted that she was a tough one – my mom refused to live under the care of his daughter. In her apartment constantly there were people – friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

“She drank very much, we had to do something. I couldn’t let her die under the fence,” said Victoria Yevgenyevna.
Внучка Леонида Брежнева скончалась от рака

Dmitry Borisov asked what happened to the jewels, which were legendary in the Soviet Union. “It was stolen, people were dishonest. It was not deposits – the box and not deposits,” admitted the woman.

Victoria E. remembered that mom was a perfect wife only with her first husband, an acrobat Jevgenijs Kulaevym. Also the daughter was aware of the novels the mother – speaker with a ballet dancer Maris Liepa did not end with the wedding just because the man had not intended to leave family for the sake of Brezhnev. “She’d come only if my father was surprised, she was the perfect wife – not a housekeeper, because he ordered,” recalled granddaughter of General Secretary.

Внучка Леонида Брежнева скончалась от рака

Dmitry Borisov also touched upon the complex relations Victoria E. with own daughter – Galina. The granddaughter of Leonid Ilyich had to exchange a large apartment in the center, but later the girl was in a psychiatric hospital. The great-granddaughter of Brezhnev: “I don’t even own beds”

“Mother decided to put me there, and I went – without a residence permit, without an apartment,” – said Galina.

Daughter Victoria E. appeared in the Studio with his aunt Natalie and uncle Alexander by Kulaevym. They remembered that Victoria never complained on health. Her death was announced by the civil spouse Dmitry Brezhnev’s granddaughter.

“She told me in December we 31st texted to say happy new year. It was not that suddenly, she looked very bad. I was hoping that she would recover, gave five thousand for the New year,” recalled Galina.

However, the woman did not have time to tell you about, did she make peace with her mother. Dmitry Borisov promised to dedicate this topic for another issue of “Let them talk” in the near future.