Granddaughter of Eldar Ryazanov’s pregnant

Внучка Эльдара Рязанова беременна “StarHit” learned how to live close to the Director. Relatives of the Creator of the famous blockbusters admit that they cherish the memory of him and often talking about him in the family conversations. At the moment the widow of the Eldar Ryazanov is engaged in the mounting of the tombstone.

      Внучка Эльдара Рязанова беременна

      Every year, on 18 November, family and friends to the Eldar traditionally gathered at one table to celebrate the birthday of the master movie. This time they will meet, but without a celebrant. The Director was not at the last day of autumn, November 30, 2015.

      The grandson of Eldar Ryazanov: “Grandpa, I’ll miss you…”

      “Often remember it – says “StarHit” grandson Ryazanov 28-year-old Dmitry Troyanovsky. – Kept a lot of things grandparents – photos, books, gifts. All the relatives are warmly communicate with each other, I connected with other granddaughters – Sasha Romanenko, Nina Skuybina. Recently I met with Emma Guseva, the widow of the grandfather in the film society “Eldar”. She currently focuses tombstone, considering several different projects. Most likely, the monument will be installed by the summer of next year – in the winter to do so is technically inconvenient. As for inheritance, his grandfather distributed during the life – no one is forgotten, not hurt. The family has done everything he ordered.”
      Внучка Эльдара Рязанова беременна

      Despite the huge number of shot blockbusters, million Ryazanov has not acquired. Many relatives have departed the cottage is 200 square meters and a plot of four hectares in Naro-Fominsk district of the Moscow region, shares in two apartments and a Lexus. Dmitry worked for many years editor of the TV channel “Russia 24”, making progress in his career. Won the contest “Golden pen”.

      At the beginning of next year for the first time will become a mother the granddaughter of Emma Valerianovna, 27-year-old Alexander Romanenko. Ryazanov life treated the girl like his own.

      “Recently, she was insanely happy to learn that Sasha is pregnant, says “StarHit” the friend of the girl Svetlana. Look forward to the emergence of the baby, most likely it will happen closer to spring. We will all help her to nurse the baby. Now Sashulya with your beloved Ivan busy planning the wedding, an offer he did to her long ago. They make a lovely couple, met several years ago in a big company. Vanya beautifully looked after, gave favorite Sasha red roses, arranged a romantic date, a few times they went together to rest at sea abroad. Glad she found her Prince”.