Granddaughter of Alice Freundlich got married

Внучка Алисы Фрейндлих вышла замуж Anna Tarasova and Alexei Mushinski officially became husband and wife. The happy couple chose a registry office on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, in order not to attract unwanted attention to the event. Lush wedding celebration will take place August 14.

Granddaughter of Alice Freundlich Anna Tarasova decided to arrange a modest ceremony. The girl and her partner Alex Mashinski married in the registry office of St. Petersburg, located in a residential area of the city.

“The ZAGS have selected the most ugly and distant. The stamp in the passport for us is just a formality,” the previously announced Anna.

The bride arrived to the ceremony in a blue dress, and the groom for such an important event chose a white shirt and black pants. On painting was attended by only friends and lovers, and the grandmother and the mother of the bride to come did not. Famous relative will congratulate Anna at the gala Banquet, which will take place on 14 August.

In the beginning of the month Tarasov celebrated the bachelorette party. The bride and her friends had fun, first at home and then went for a walk in St. Petersburg.

Earlier the girl reported that she wants to save up for the wedding without the help of relatives. Anna and Alex wanted to organize a memorable celebration, but to get it decided only the closest relatives and friends.

“I have constantly everything changes, so don’t even know how it all turns out in the end, but I do want a very beautiful, lush, white dress with a huge train to the little girl he carried. Maybe, we’ll exit the ceremony with the vows,” said Anna “StarHit” in an interview.

Alex Mashinski made an offer hands and hearts so beloved in 2015. But the lovers were in no hurry to officially register the relationship and saving up for a dream wedding. Anna could not determine the dress that will wear on such a momentous day, and even asked for advice to followers in Instagram.

While the happy couple share photos in the registry office. Apparently, Anna and Alex will arrange a formal Banquet in honor of the wedding in St. Petersburg, where there are the lovers themselves and their families.

“While we all keep a secret,” – said the groom “StarHit”.

We will remind, that Anna Tarasova followed in the footsteps of the famous grandmother. Now she plays on the stage and trying to build a career in the movies. Her boyfriend also chose the acting profession and is a trainee group of the BDT them. G. A. Tovstonogov.

The couple spent in the registry office not more than ten minutes, and then went to celebrate an important event in the company of friends.