Granddaughter of Alice Freundlich chooses the wedding date

Внучка Алисы Фрейндлих выбирает дату свадьбы The lovers plan to go down the aisle, but has not yet decided on the day of the celebration. The groom Alex Mashinski trying to make a feast of their own. But the young actors do not exclude that the wedding could take place this year.

      Внучка Алисы Фрейндлих выбирает дату свадьбы

      Love couple Anna Tarasova and Alexei Musinski became the honored guests of the opening ceremony of the XXIV international film festival “Vivat Cinema of Russia”, which was held in the concert hall “October”. Among the placers of Russian stars, such as Ivan Krasko, Aleksandr Pashutin, Catherine Spitz, Svetlana Druzhinin, Nikolai Lebedev, Sergey Selin and many others who came to the opening ceremony of the XXIV international film festival “Vivat Cinema of Russia”, it was impossible not to pay attention to the granddaughter of the great Russian actress Alisa Freundlich and her lover. A couple, holding hands, strolled into the foyer in the company of his mom, actress Varvara Vladimirova, acquainted with the festival programme and discussed the new Russian cinema.

      “StarHit” decided to ask the lovers, how are things going with the upcoming wedding.

      “Yes, Alex, what do you think about this?”, – laughed Tarasova.

      Alex Musinski, who played in several TV series, on the rights of the future head of the family, told the “StarHit” that the wedding is planned, but the press jumped the gun with deadlines. But how much did not elaborate.

      “Anna told me that we plan to do for a celebration, I’m trying to play and work in the theater, but while I can’t say that fully stood on his feet. Although, if the film festival “Vivat Cinema of Russia” now will come the interesting suggestion, we will be able to get married this year”, – said Alexey.

      Apparently, the star family Tarasova supports your beloved daughter and granddaughter in her choice. According to Tarasova, mother and grandmother are very fond of Alex. They know a girl’s fiance, because lovers often visit with each other, and relatives fully agree that the young must themselves earn for the wedding.

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