Granddaughter of Alice Freindlich had fun bachelorette party

Внучка Алисы Фрейндлих оторвалась на девичнике Soon the girl will get married. Anna Tarasova has organized a party for friends to have some fun before starting a family life. Friends made her holiday memorable and now they are counting the days until the ceremony.
Внучка Алисы Фрейндлих оторвалась на девичнике

August 12, granddaughter, people’s artist of the USSR Alice Freundlich Anna Tarasova will marry. With her lover Alexey Mushinski girl meets for several years. Offer hands and hearts of young people did two years ago during a vacation in the Dominican Republic, but the couple decided to postpone the celebration. They wanted to do everything by yourself, and therefore waited until they accumulate the necessary amount of money for the celebration. Now before the holiday less than a week, but because by tradition, the heir to the famous actress organized a bachelorette party for your girlfriends.

Anna wearing a white top and pale pink full skirt, and the girl’s head was decorated with a makeshift veil. Tarasova together with all the guests went to a karaoke club, where had a fun time. Girls gladly sang different songs.

“And so, one fine summer day my friendship with Tarasova became friends with Musinskoe. Love and harmony between you is infinite, and the remaining requests are going to be hit in Google and create for you an inspirational post. Joke. Can handle this myself,” wrote a friend of Anna in the microblog.

Now Tarasova counting the days until the celebration. She’s glad to see their friends at the wedding, though he believes that the wedding ceremony is not as important as the feelings bubbling up between her and Alex. In the registry office they will go on August 12, and in two days will arrange the Banquet. “Now officially the bride and groom! Yay! The ZAGS have selected the most ugly and distant. The stamp in the passport for us the formality of a true tale August 14,” – wrote in social networks Anna.

The parents of the bride happy that she found love. The girl introduced the beloved family two and a half years ago. Close Anna remained under the pleasant impression from the young man and did not let it move to the chosen one. Granddaughter of Alice Freindlich: “my Mother and grandmother immediately took my fiancé”

“Lesha mother at once perceived. She knew about our relationship less than a month, saw him once and I was shocked when on New Years eve she said, “come on Alex it will celebrate with us?” In the occasion he met my family, has charmed everyone there and even grandparents with his brother approved. Now always asking about him,” said Tarasov “StarHit”.