Granddaughter of Alexander Buynova grow its copies

Внучки Александра Буйнова растут его копиями The twins Daria and Sophia turned seven years old. Great-grandfather Alexander Buinov has shown their heirs and himself at their age. Not to distinguish!

      Внучки Александра Буйнова растут его копиями

      Popular singer Alexander Buinov, last year celebrated its 65th anniversary, is known for his incredible love for the younger grandson and granddaughters-twins. Giving an interview to journalists, the famous grandfather definitely talks about heirs, about how involved in their upbringing of their grandchildren and considered the most important award. And Alexander Buinov, obviously with pride about his honorary status by grandparents, often in the microblogging published pictures of 10-year-old grandson and his namesake and grandson Sasha Dasha and Sofia, who on April 3 was fulfilled in seven years. Bujnov congratulated the twins happy birthday and proved that the baby is growing small replicas of my beloved grandfather.

      “Today Dasha and Sophia Voinovym turned seest years (well, seven). In the center for comparison. Happy birthday, girls! Run, jump, get exercise, dig gadgets in the earth! Long live a happy childhood!”, – written by Alexander Buinov. By the way, some followers of the singer did not even realize that we are talking about his granddaughters. Many thought he congratulates daughters, being a young father. However, more knowledgeable about life idol fans said that Dasha and Sofia – children daughter Julia Alexander Buynova.

      Внучки Александра Буйнова растут его копиями

      “Sophia looks like me just to zero, – told the artist in an interview a year after the birth of my grandson. – She cries all the time and very Moody. Dashka is similar to Tatar. My daughter’s husband is, in General, a Spaniard. They met Yulia, looked at each other and fell in love. They baptized, married, and live happily ever after, happily ever after. And then as I began to plane vnuchkov and grandchildren! And I am very happy! This is a happy note, the most real, when we continue in the children, for grandchildren. I still don’t feel like a grandfather”.

      Alexander Buinov said repeatedly that applies to grandchildren as children. “I can pay attention to everyone, is a quote from the conversation Buynova with Julia men’shovoy, the leading program of the First channel “Alone with all”. – I’m not going back to childhood, I just know how to raise children. Computer, gadgets – know. Books, TV – metered. Sport – definitely”.

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