Granddaughter of Alexander Buynova debuted at fashion Week

Внучки Александра Буйнова дебютировали на Неделе моды Daria and Sophia were the stars of the fashion show Vitorrio Raggi, which was held in the framework of the fashion Week Estet Fashion Week. Girls together with older models, demonstrated to the public elegant evening dresses. Their famous grandpa came to support the young stars of the podium.

      Внучки Александра Буйнова дебютировали на Неделе моды

      The children of many celebrities from an early age learn to earn money first. Some kids in the movies, while others are trying themselves as models. Not so long ago, everyone admired the success which debuted at a fashion show son of Eugenia Feofilaktovoy, and recently public attention was attracted by the granddaughter of Alexander Buynova, Daria and Sophia, who presented on the catwalk the outfits brand Vitorrio Raggi.

      Along with older models young talents appeared in the eyes of the public in beautiful dresses, sequined and embroidered organza. Future wife of Prokhor Shalyapin, actress Anna Kalashnikova and the winner of the title “Mrs. Moscow” Kristina Kolganova shared in social networks photos with Dasha and Sonya made backstage before a show. Star grandpa Bujnov came to support their favourites in such a serious event. The actor repeatedly said that he loves spending time with kids of their children.

      Twins Dasha and Sonya grow creative and talented girls. Their famous grandfather had told that little girl know how to dance and sing, as well as great paint. Alexander Buinov believes that in the future before the girls all roads are open in the field of show business. Raising grandchildren, the star of the pop scene accustoms them to reading and sports activities, with organicity the time they could spend at the computer or tablet. In an interview, the popular singer spoke in detail about what children of his daughter Julia.

      “Sophia looks like me just to zero. She cries all the time and very Moody. Dashka is similar to Tatar. My daughter’s husband is, in General, a Spaniard. They met Yulia, looked at each other and fell in love. They baptized, married, and live happily ever after, happily ever after. And then as I began to plane vnuchkov and grandchildren! And I am very happy! This is a happy note, the most real, when we continue in the children, for grandchildren. I still don’t feel like a grandfather”, – confessed Alexander, who was recently turned 66 years old.

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