Granddaughter Lyubov Polishchuk continues acting dynasty

Внучка Любови Полищук продолжает актерскую династию The girl began to take the first steps in the world of cinema. Her mother, actress Victoria Bohatyryova, genuinely proud of his heir. It is symbolic that the first day of the barbarians coincided with the birthday of her famous grandmother.

      Внучка Любови Полищук продолжает актерскую династию

      Six-year-old Makarova Varvara, the daughter of actor Alexey Makarov and actress Victoria Bogatyryova, followed in the footsteps of their famous parents and grandparents — people’s artist of Russia Lyubov Polishchuk. It is symbolic that the first day of the girls fell on 21 may and coincided with the birthday of Lyubov Grigorievna. This was announced by the father barbarians on his page in social network Facebook.

      “Varin is the first day of shooting. Happy birthday, mother”, — said Alexey Makarov with his friends and fans. Several thousand people have responded to the publication of the actor and repostory it to their page. Producer Alexander Bondarev, General Director of the producer center “IVAN!”, wrote in the comments of a post Makarov: “Remember, love, thank you”. The legendary Lyubov Polishchuk also remembered producer Katherine Miladina: “She was, is and will be one of the most beautiful and talented women!”. Friends Makarov also supported Alika Smekhova. The actress has put several of the signs “plus”, expressing full agreement with their point of view.

      Внучка Любови Полищук продолжает актерскую династию

      Photos from the first filming of the barbarians also published with his “Instagram” her mother Victoria Bohatyryova. Apparently, the actress is sincerely happy for her daughter. Bogatyrev supplied pictures girls hashtag “happy”, “the dynasty continues”, “the Director is satisfied”, “family”, “children are our everything” and “debut”. On the question of his friend what the film starred Cooking, Victoria replied: “still a secret.. Soon will come to visit and tell”. “Congratulations to little artist, now we’re in the same project,” also commented on the publication Bogatyreva actress Catherine Madalinska, who played in the TV series “Fizruk” and “Interns”.

      Внучка Любови Полищук продолжает актерскую династию

      At the moment Barbara brought up her parents-actors. The girl was born in 2010. Her famous grandmother passed away in 2006, failing to see our grandchildren. According to many fans acting dynasty, Cooking is very similar to the grandmother. The same opinion is shared by her dad. “I increasingly recognize the daughter of my mother’s features” — shared it with your followers on social networks.

      Victoria Bohatyryova met with Aleksei Makarov during the filming of “First attempt” by Sergei Ginzburg. In interviews Victoria recalled that the actor won her unusual gift. In the midst of winter he gave sweetheart a big bouquet of camomiles.

      However, later in the press appeared information that Makarov left Victoria for the deserved actress Maria Mironova, the daughter of beloved actor Andrei Mironov. According to some, Alex secretly got married with Maria. However, actors prefer not to talk about their relationship and can not be removed together. According to other information, Mironov and Makarov — just good friends who communicate for the past couple of decades.

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