Правнучка балерины Матильды Кшесинской закрутила роман со звездой Большого театра
Eleonora Sevenard meets with Prime Minister of the Bolshoi theatre Denis Rudkinym.

Eleonora Sevenard and Denis Rodkin

Photo: Instagram

19-year-old Eleonora Sevenard, a great-great-granddaughter of a ballerina
Matilda Kshesinskaya, whose name a few months ago, never left
media headlines, confessed she’s in love and happy. The young star is a Big
theatre meets with the Prime Minister Denis Rudkinym. Lovers together
participate in several productions. Girl turned into
relationships in real life. And although his novel the couple has not yet commented,
social networks have started to appear a rare joint photos.

Eleanor made her debut at the Bolshoi does
recently, at the end of September 2017 in the ballet “don Quixote”. Apparently,
the main theater of the country gave the young girl two lucky ticket:
career and personal life.

Sevenard beautiful, unlike her
great-grandmother Kshesinskaya, which, on the assurances of contemporaries Matilda,
a special appeal was no different: there was little growth, thick
eyebrows, a large nose and close-set small eyes. Disadvantages
appearance to fully offset the special charm of Kshesinskaya
the all-conquering charisma, under the influence of which was not only the young Tsesarevich
Nicholas, but and the other men of the Imperial family.