Grandchildren Vera Glagoleva feel the support of her grandmother

Внуки Веры Глаголевой чувствуют поддержку бабушки Children of the stars daughters Anne and Mary Nahapetova started the school year in high school. In his famous ballerina appeared colorful pictures made by September 1. The eldest heir to Vera Glagoleva has shared touching memories about his mother.
Внуки Веры Глаголевой чувствуют поддержку бабушки

1 September, the whole country celebrates the Day of knowledge. Parents with awe accompany their offspring to school. Among those who prepared their children for the traditional ruler, were and daughter Vera Glagoleva – Anna and Maria. Their adorable children Pauline and Cyril begin a new school year.

September: celebrities walked the children on a school ruler

In his well-known ballerina has pictures made at the solemn event. In these pictures the charming Pauline and Cyril pose with bouquets of flowers, which they then gave to their teachers. In recognition of Anne of Nahapetova, children feel a connection with the famous grandmother.

“Mom always managed on two lines in two different schools, I don’t know how she expected, but she was always… Today is another day, but as usual the sun is shining and in the morning, intending, Pauline said that the grandmother sees us and still with us… We went to the fourth grade! With the knowledge Day! With a holiday!” – said the ballerina in a microblog.

Users of social networks supported Anna and wished her grandchildren Vera Glagoleva successful study. They also congratulated the family of the famous actress and Director with the Day of knowledge. “Everything will be fine! Time heals”, “congratulations. God help you!”, “Your grandmother is the sun. Children always say the right and wise”, “Daughter law” “of Course, sees and always there”, “Beautiful baby”, “Happiness”, “Adorable”, “Fives, and good cheer,” was discussed by the subscribers of the ballerina.

We will remind that Vera Glagoleva died on 16 August in Germany, at the 62nd year of life. Long time actress and Director has struggled with cancer, which he chose not to tell the public. Close celebrity did everything possible to prolong her life. Not so long ago, ex-husband of Anne of Nahapetova Egor Simachev shared memories about Vera Glagoleva in social networks. He noted that he sincerely admired the resistance of a movie star, and never complained about their problems to others.

Close Vera Glagoleva told about her battle with a serious illness

Внуки Веры Глаголевой чувствуют поддержку бабушки“She left her mark in history, in art, in the hearts of the people, and, most importantly, in the hearts of her children and grandchildren! She will always live in them! Her Grand dad, an inventor and teacher Vitaly Pavlovich Glagolev, always said that “we are immortal until our memory lives in the hearts of our children and grandchildren.” And her mother Galina Naumovna, sensitive person, teacher and just a wonderful kind woman, always taught to rely on themselves and their forces,” said Simachev.