Grandchildren Sofia Rotaru spoke about the life of his grandmother

Внуки Софии Ротару рассказали о жизни своей бабушки
Today, August 7, the anniversary notes the famous singer Sofia Rotaru, she is 70 years old.

Внуки Софии Ротару рассказали о жизни своей бабушки

Sofia Mikhailovna will be celebrating the anniversary with his family, son Ruslan, daughter-in-law Svetlana and Anatoly grandchildren and Sofia. Before the significant date, the heirs of Sofia Rotaru spoke with reporters and shared the details of the life of the beloved grandmother.

Внуки Софии Ротару рассказали о жизни своей бабушки

“Every year we are trying for grandma’s birthday to prepare a surprise, – has told Anatoly. For example, unexpectedly for her to gather her brothers and sisters and go to some special place, or rent a boat and go on all day in the sea, with fishing and swimming. This year on the eve of the anniversary we went to Baku, where they held a festive concert. The young artists sang cover versions of her hits, and the Sophia M. new well-known songs.”

“Sonia taught us how to enjoy the little things – shares, in turn, Sonia. – And to respect people, value sincerity and friendship. Also determination and hard work, the subtle sense of humor. We, in turn, trying to suggest something to help. For example, my grandmother couldn’t use FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype. We helped her to master the messenger to be always connected. And created account on “Instagram” @sofiarotaru.official . She is now sharing with fans the news.”

Congratulations Sophia Mihailovna happy anniversary!

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