Grandchildren Sofia Rotaru spoke about her new hobby

Внуки Софии Ротару рассказали о ее новом увлечении Anatoly and Sophia shared the news of my grandmother’s. The heirs of the favourite of millions has made it his mission to teach her to work with fashion programs and instant messengers. Thanks to this pop star always in touch not only with family, but also with the fans.
Внуки Софии Ротару рассказали о ее новом увлечении

The seventh of August Sofia Rotaru celebrates its 70th anniversary. At the festive table in honor of the anniversary stars will gather all her family: son Ruslan, daughter-in-law of Svetlana and the children of the pair – 23-year-old Anatoly and 16-year-old Sofia. On the eve of the birthday of the grandchildren of Sophia Mikhailovna told “StarHit” what gifts do they do grandma, what they taught her and how their relationship.

“Every year we are trying for grandma’s birthday to prepare a surprise – said Anatoly. For example, unexpectedly for her to gather her brothers and sisters and go to some special place, or rent a boat and go on all day in the sea, with fishing and swimming. This year on the eve of the anniversary we went to Baku, where they held a festive concert. The young artists sang cover versions of her hits, and the Sophia M. new well-known songs.” Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru created a furore in Baku

The heirs of the artist admit that they love the work of grandma and sincerely interested in novelties in its repertoire. “And we are always the first audience for her hits – said Sofia. – My favorite songs – “Chervona Ruta”, “White dance”, “well I loved him”, and Toli – “Caravan of love” and “Sky it’s me.” Between the artist and her grandchildren develop a relationship of trust. When the children grew up, Sofia Mikhailovna, despite a busy schedule, participated in their upbringing, and then sent in process of forces and possibilities.

“Sonia taught us how to enjoy the little things, says “StarHit” her granddaughter. – And to respect people, value sincerity and friendship. Also determination and hard work, the subtle sense of humor. We, in turn, trying to suggest something to help. For example, my grandmother couldn’t use FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype. We helped her to master the messenger to be always connected. And created account on “Instagram” @sofiarotaru.official . She is now sharing with fans the news.”

Grandchildren of people’s favorite also told how to spent time with the famous grandmother as children, and now when they are adults. The confessions of the heirs of Sophia Mikhailovna, they never get bored together. “She’s fun and interesting, – says Anatoly. – Very kind and generous. This year for Christmas we danced with her under Moldovan folk music, that was cool.”

Внуки Софии Ротару рассказали о ее новом увлечении“She is the best example for me of how to go to the dream, to love life and its profession, continues Sofia. – We are also United in a love of travel and new experiences. When I was very young, in the summer often stayed with grandma at our annual meeting, we gathered together in June harvest cherries in July and peaches, and in late August, the white figs”.
Внуки Софии Ротару рассказали о ее новом увлечении