Внуки олигарха Тельмана Исмаилова живут в нищете For eight years, the life of Catherine Romanova was like a fairy tale. It was called one of the richest women of Russia. Now the civil wife of heir to the Empire Telman Ismailov was left with nothing. Grandchildren Ismailov, according to Romanova, live in poverty.
Внуки олигарха Тельмана Исмаилова живут в нищете

The oligarch Telman Ismailov reputation of being a very generous and kind person, but it does not imply that his grandchildren live more than mediocre. A few years ago, the son of Sarkhan Ismailov was in a relationship with an ordinary girl Catherine Romanova, who bore him a son and a daughter.

The pair did their best to hide the forbidden relationship and children born out of wedlock. Looks like they managed to do it very well, because Ismailov and his wife still do not know about the existence of grandchildren.

“Telman is an unpredictable person, so we didn’t know how he’ll react to the news,” explained Romanova.
Внуки олигарха Тельмана Исмаилова живут в нищете

To transfer “live” Catherine came for help: she wants Sarkhan changed his mind and started to help children. Romanov does not name a specific reason why she went from a loved one, only said that she was tired of a beautiful life. The fairy tale ended in a jiffy. Catherine, without an education, earn a living that worked in the monastery, took care of elderly people engaged in trade. At one time she lived in a room at the Church, eventually was able to rent an apartment. Today her money is only enough for the Essentials.

Many of those present in the Studio strongly doubted that such influential people like Telman Ismailov will pay attention to the story of Catherine. “Even going to the Federal channel will not solve anything. No one will pay attention to it. In General,” — Otar Kushanashvili, which is accepted in the family Ismailov, is also skeptical. However, Romanova has not lost hope and believes that Sarkhan would have to begin again to take care of the heirs who have waited so long.

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“I madly miss my dad, I’m madly in love, but, judging by recent actions on his part, maybe he doesn’t want to communicate with us?!” — said the daughter of Sarkhan Ruslan.