Grand master challenge myself

Гранд-мастер – вызов самому себе 82-year-old Muscovite Boris Kirillov became the champion. In New Zealand at the World MASTERS Games, he won first place. During his life, the man participated in 50 ski marathons (50 to 90 km) in 15 countries, winning numerous awards.
Гранд-мастер – вызов самому себе

No matter how much we were proud of the success of the Olympic Champions in triathlon, Russian athletes win ever. But at the end of April – note (!) – 82-year-old Muscovite Boris Kirillov broke this sad tradition. The New Zealand World MASTERS Games – the Olympics among veterans of sport – he swam, ran and raced on the bike (triathlon consists of these disciplines) faster than anyone in the world!!!

Triathlons Boris started relatively recently, and victory for him to challenge himself. The strong passion of former engineer (by the way, in 34 years – in those days it was unheard – Kirillov was instructed to lead the defence industry of the country) – cross-country skiing. He participated in 50 ski marathons (50 to 90 km) in 15 countries, winning numerous awards. Only at the world championship in Canada it was a gold and three silver medals.

Sports Boris Nikolaevich became interested while studying at the Institute. Basketball, gymnastics, track and field, everywhere it was the best. Today, these unique people, Boris Kirillov, called the Grand masters, honored by all the world: the race in Austria a portrait of the Russian miracle-athlete has graced the Central square of a town, the first bands of the new Zealand Newspapers were filled with his photographs.

The strongest pillar of the Grand master – wife Wanda (they met with Vanda Georgievna still students, and it is, believe me, still optimistic, and beauty), and a constant helper and protector – the son of Nicholas. And all in the family piggy Bank Kirillov two sons and six grandchildren. Incidentally, in March a 42-kilometer ski race in Switzerland eighteen-year-old Fedor was ahead of its unique grandfather only 15 minutes.