Гуф впервые заговорил о своей новой девушке The famous rapper went on to perform in Armenia. Having pleased the audience with old and new songs, Gough met with reporters and talked about his plans for a life without drugs and the second half. According to rumors, the performer meets Keti Topuria, but he still calls the name lady.
Гуф впервые заговорил о своей новой девушке

In early may, the 38-year-old Alexey Dolmatov, known as the Guf, first performed in Yerevan. After the concert, the actor met with journalists and told about his work, attitude to colleagues and personal life. Dolmatov admitted that he was very nervous before the meeting with the fans, but he was able to cope with stress. The audience has warmly accepted Gufa and lit under his tracks.

The contractor asked what words he would use to describe myself. Alex admitted that he finds it hard to answer this question.

“I’m modest, shy, nervous, jealous. (…) I myself still do not understand,” shared the actor.
Гуф впервые заговорил о своей новой девушке

In a conversation with Yuri Dude Dolmatov said that used drugs, wanting to fill the spiritual emptiness. Now the Guf does not take banned substances. According to Alexey, he has a lot to do.

“I have a new love now. Well as new, we’ve been together for a year or two. I have in my life now a lot going on. Opened the store, I live out of town and do their infield. Somehow cope without substances,” shared the rapper.

Rumor has it that Gough’s Dating 31-year-old soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria, which announced the parting with her husband in September last year. Then it was said that it is too close friendship with the rapper has caused changes in the personal life of the singer. However, he Dolmatov distanced themselves from such speculation and said that he respects the actress and her family.

Anyway, Gough and Katie continue to stir interest in their extremely warm relations. In social networks stars often appear joint photo, which invariably provoke heated debate on the Network. In addition, Guf constantly commented on the Katie posts on Instagram and even goes with her to live. Recently, the rapper admitted Topuria in love. Many fans of the couple believe that the way Gough confirmed the rumors about the passion of a performer.

In a recent interview Dolmatov said that he is inclined to long-term relationships. The rapper prefers not to use his popularity to an affair with the opposite sex. “I have one woman, then after some period different. I’m not saying something like: “I Guf, come here,” said Alex Vivaro News.

Recall that the famous rapper were married by ISA Agapovoj. Lovers legalized relationships in August 2008, but after a few years after the marriage divorced. From ISA and Alex have a son Themselves, which came to light in may of 2010.