Gough made a war with the ISA Anokhina Network

Гуф устроил войну с Айзой Анохиной в Сети Fans of the rapper threatened his ex-wife. Alexey Dolmatov decided that ISA Anokhin has imposed restrictions on his communication with his son. He asked followers to influence businesswoman. As a result, the ISA had to say about the situation.
Гуф устроил войну с Айзой Анохиной в Сети

Rapper Guf continues to argue with former lover ISA Anokhina, which brings up his son Sam. Recently businesswoman has caused discontent of the men, posting a dramatic post in one of the social networks.

Alexey Dolmatov was extremely worried about ISA. The contractor decided to turn to fans to those affected by Anokhin. According to Guf, that too carried away gangsta rap.

Fans of Alex responded to his appeal. They began to write ISA in social networks with a request to give her ex-husband to communicate with his son. According to followers Gufa, Anokhin limits the conversations of the child with the father. Fans Dolmatova believe that the businesswoman doesn’t behave.

Гуф устроил войну с Айзой Анохиной в Сети

After reviewing the reaction of users of social networks, ISA hurried to clarify the situation. The woman said that does not forbid his son to call the parent by telephone. She is also quick to delete the post that caused a mixed reaction from Gufa.

“Threats and insults early in the morning to write I do not need. Of course, I understand that you want to believe that I’m not giving my son to see his father, but it’s not. At 10: 35 they were talking on the phone. I already left the house, and Sam continued communication with my dad. What they agree, I don’t know!” – spoken by the ISA.

Friend said Anokhina, Sam agreed to meet with her father. In recognition of the businesswoman, she has no objection to the Gufa communication with the child.

“Lena stayl said that children are going to hang out with their fathers! Sam waiting to go hang out with Leo, Pope and Pope Leo. I don’t mind, of course! All. (…) Sam is the boy with his phone (only a house, to school the phone does not give), and he is able to make decisions! So these tantrums by me! If too lazy to drive to the son is his father! Sam is not yet driving. Santa Barbara is canceled,” commented ISA.

At the same time, Gough said that his ex-girlfriend suddenly changed her mind. “She’s a fast change shoes,” – said Dolmatov. He also thanked the fans for their support. Twitter, thanks, of course, but I didn’t expect you to have it so big impact,” concluded Alex.

The users of social networking we can only guess about what is actually happening between the Body and the ISA. More recently, Anokhin decided to start a musical career: she released a Diss to the ex-spouse. In plans of the star’s Instagram the release of their debut EP. It is known that the new track ISA will be released in mid-December. “I read the classic aggressive rap,” she says.