Гуф намекнул на проблемы в отношениях с Кети Топурия
The rapper revealed the new joint photo.

Keti Topuria and Guf

Photo: @therealguf Instagram

Keti Topuria and Guf only recently unveiled his novel, and now fans of the couple discuss their possible separation. The controversial rapper left a comment under the photo with a sweetheart that has led many to believe that in the relationship of Cathy and Guf came a serious crisis.

Pictures of the soloist of group “” boyfriend rarely appear in the Network. Artists try to keep strangers away from your personal happiness. Yesterday Gough published the “bed” scenes with Kathy, saying in the caption: “it’s complicated”. This expression is often used when describing the relationships, which are thrown out of harmony. The picture shows Guf posing turning away from the beloved to the side. “Is it beef? Reconciled!” — write the rapper.

Katie’s relationship with the Body has not commented. For a long time she has hidden feelings for the rapper, convincing others that a lot of deals with him because of a longtime friendship. Only recently it has ceased to hide the affair with the Body. And recently, he first publicly confessed to have feelings for Katie.

Recall that when Topuria appeared at the bottom of the birth of a daughter Olivia without Gufa many suspected that she already broke up with him. The last posted frame only fueled the rumors. However, fans hope that the star couple will find a way of solving personal problems.