Гуф публично высказался в адрес Кети Топурия The rapper romantically commented on another entry of the singer in Instagram. The artists still have not made an official announcement about their relationship. However, fans believe that the stars are incredibly passionate.
Гуф публично высказался в адрес Кети Топурия

Rumors about the novel Keti Topuria and rapper Guf emerged a few months ago. Fans were sure that this relationship caused divorce actress with her husband Lev Gamanam. She’s a young woman refused to comment on what is happening in her personal life. However, the actions of the stars spoke for themselves. They often share romantic posts, and recently even went on holiday together.

Katie recently posted another post, which noted that the long accustomed not to react to criticism.

“I will never be able to hurt person whom I do not respect. So relax,” he said.
Гуф публично высказался в адрес Кети Топурия

Guf could not stay aside and commented on the regular publication of the alleged chosen one. “That’s my girl,” wrote the rapper under the photos of Cathy on Instagram. The young woman hastened to meet him with smile in the kiss.

Many fans were delighted with the touching communication of the stars in the comments of a post. However, there were those who condemned lovers. Some fans of artists believe that they are wrong for each other.

“It would be better remembered son than building new relationships”, “still amazed that Katie could exchange the stately Lion on this Gufa”, “Very happy for the guys, although I never thought they can be together,” shared the opinions of the fans of the stars.

Earlier Topuria has repeatedly stated that she is not found with the Body. According to the young women, their binds exclusively friendship. However, the fans refuse to believe it. According to fans, the singer and rapper too much talk and constantly allude to the romantic status of their relationship.

The Guf itself is in principle not used to comment on personal life. On his page in Instagram man shares primarily with photos from concerts and plans. Recently, however, he admitted that he incredibly misses her son.

“I dream about you every night. I terribly miss. Once a week, once will arrive,” wrote the rapper a few days ago.

Guf many times claimed that the child is the main joy in his life. Because of its strained relations with his ex-wife ISA Anokhina, the rapper is not always possible to see the heir. But now the former beloved is trying to forget past grievances for the sake of little Sammy.