Гуф публично признался в любви Кети Топурия The actress shared a short clip on the social network page. Guf Keti Topuria trying not to comment on relationships with each other. However, fans know that they have strong feelings.
Гуф публично признался в любви Кети Топурия

Famous Russian rapper Guf and the lead singer of A’studio Katie Topuria was originally good friends. However, after some time after the divorce, the singer’s husband and children began spending more and more time together. Fans began to follow the development of their relationship, as well as to track the signs of sympathy that Katie and Guf could demonstrate in the social networks.

Stories of a musician appeared often shots taken in the same locations as the soloist of the pop group. A few hours ago Alexey Dolmatov made a video in a tattoo parlor. In this place he went with Katie. First, a young girl sees that she aimed the camera, and then, embarrassed, smiling to the fans.

Further fragments it is evident that Gough decided on another tattoo. Fans are wondering whether this pattern is dedicated to Kathy.

Гуф публично признался в любви Кети Топурия

Most Topuria stories appeared in a video in which Guf is a car. Katie is watching the chosen one and asks him, when he says messy.

“I love you,” repeats the Guf.

At the end of last year Katie became a frequent guest in a country house Guf, and in the winter they went on holiday together. “Saw how they came on his car in our village Aprelevka, said a neighbor of the rapper. More often they spend their evenings together, but sometimes arrange friendly get-togethers.” In microblogs stars often flashed the interior of the housing Dolmatova, including his cottage, which is located in Phuket in Thailand.

After parting with spouse Katie stopped to comment on personal life. However, in one of the conversations with reporters, she hinted that she had a choice.

“But at some point there was so many questions that I realized it is better to do some review to avoid gossip. As for the interview on this subject, I would not want to develop it. God forbid, then someone saw something and think, “What, she married?” confessed Katie.

Topuria supported Gufa during difficult moments. What singer was the first to congratulate the rapper on his victory in battle with the Bird, which took place in February in St. Petersburg.