Cплетники предрекают конец романа Тейлор Свифт
The boyfriend singer more than it needs.

Cплетники предрекают конец романа Тейлор Свифт

Taylor Swift


Joe Elvin


Hollywood gossips claim that love story
Taylor swift with a 27-year-old actor Joe Alvin,
close to the end. They believe that it is not that Joe and Taylor are tired
each other, and not that one of them was caught cheating. The members of the Beau Monde are sure that Alvin just used swift for
it can help to speak about it in secular circles. However, given its
latest career achievement, it’s more in aid Taylor is not needed.

Recently Joe was awarded the honorary prize at
The Cannes film festival. He was handed Trophte Chopard —
the award, which was established by famous
jewelry brand, which is a partner of the festival. This prize is awarded to the best
the young actors. This year Trophee Chopard went to Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki and Joe
Alvin (for his role in the film “the Long way Billy Lin in the break of a football match”). The award was presented by Diane Kruger, who in 2003, she was her owner.

After receiving the award, Joe, immaculately
elegant in dark suit, silk tie of the same color and a white shirt literally glowed with pride. Now it’s safe to say that he was
star. It is curious that swift could not choose time to go with
a favorite at the festival. She is currently very busy in the big tour

Recall the swift and Alvin met in
may 2016, on the annual ball of the Institute Costume Met Gala. The first time
they maintained a purely friendly relationship, because at the time swift was Dating
The hiddleston. However, a few months after
she broke up with Tom, his friendship with Alvin began to develop in
something more. First rumors that they were Dating began to spread
in the spring of this year. In June, the information appeared that Taylor and Joe held
the holidays together. For the first time photographers have managed to catch them together in
June last year in Nashville.