Gosha Kutsenko was injured at a rock festival

Гоша Куценко травмировался на рок-фестивале
The actor brought a “souvenir” from “the Invasion”.

Гоша Куценко травмировался на рок-фестивале

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: Instagram

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: Instagram

Gosha Kutsenko put on the page in the microblog photo with a cut eyebrow and a bruise on his cheekbone. The actor in the picture is smiling happily, but his injuries — not the makeup.

forever!” —
commented on the incident gosh. Although the details it is not
shares, fans responded to the photo more than a positive attitude, realizing all
and without explanation your favorite artist. And hastened to assure the idol: “Rock-tusnya without bruises for slabak!”, “Only
so! Only hardcore!”, “Decorates”.

Fans Kutsenko know perfectly well that he is talented not only as an actor but also as
musician. Every year Ghosh and his group goes to the festival “Invasion” concert.

At a rock festival gosh gives
concert on the alternative stage and each time shares
impressions, talking about amusing incidents that
what happened at the event.

So this time I couldn’t resist. By the way, the “Invasion” have visited not only the response but also its
favorite luxury car-convertible, which the artist often travels on a good road where the speed limit is minimal.

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