Гоша Куценко заговорил о страшной ревности дочки According to the actor, one of his heiresses took seriously the birth of little Svetlana. We will remind, this summer Gosha Kutsenko became the father of many children. The actor admits that cherishes every minute spent with loved ones.

In early June, Gosha Kutsenko became the father of many children. The wife of the artist Irina Skrinichenko gave birth to a daughter who was named Svetlana. The appearance of the child in the light of Ghosh commented on Instagram. “Old age? Not! Joy! This day is forever with me now,” wrote the actor on Twitter.

From Kutsenko also has a daughter Pauline, whose mother is Maria Poroshina, and Jack, she was born in the marriage with the current spouse of the actor. Recently, the artist told journalists about the upbringing of children and the support of the eldest heiress, who decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

According to goshi, he loves his children. After filming the movie star quickly rushing home to spend time with people close to him. As he admitted, the middle daughter of the actor was jealous of the parents to the younger.

“Only now, three and a half years, the daughter of Eugene came with me on a normal contact. Children jealous, she is jealous of the mother, to the territory. When Light was born, she was wildly jealous. And, oddly enough, she began to appreciate what I have. And when I pick her up, she’s happy. I probably still do not fully understand their happiness. Well, of course, understand – it’s huge, but I’m afraid to jinx him,” – said the actor.

During the meeting with journalists Gosha admitted that did not dissuade eldest daughter, Pauline, of her choice. She decided to become an actress and has already begun to take the first steps in their profession. She co-starred with his father in the series “the Last COP”.

“Pauline herself was cast, without any lobby. I believe that it was warm. He was then a student, and her I, of course, got it. Now trying to catch up with her in the frame, do not pollute the air. If there is a fateful movie – is another matter. And while she’s got a difficult path,” said Kutsenko.

Ghosh added that helping her daughter with advice. “It’s the market, now everyone fairly,” he said. According to Kutsenko, a major role in the success of the actor plays the agent who will be able to tell about him to the producers. In addition, Kutsenko commented on the professional disadvantages of heir. He believes that Polina is still too young and not experienced enough. “She is not alone, lives in love for an actress is not the best show. She had no experience of bad behavior” – quoted by the star theatre and movie magazine “OK!”.

Add that Polina Kutsenko, apparently, met with the Director Jan Janowski. The girl already introduced your young person with their parents. Those approved the daughter’s choice. Daughter Poroshina and Kutsenko moved to boyfriend