Гоша Куценко показал повзрослевших детей
Nine years later, the actor met with those who played his son and daughter.

Гоша Куценко показал повзрослевших детей

Gosha Kutsenko with Alina, Bulynko and Denis Paramonov

Photo: @goshakutsenko (Instagram Gosha Kutsenko)

With each new project, each of the actors appears
more relatives. On-screen children, wives, husbands often remain close
people for a lifetime. Gosha Kutsenko, for example, did not hide their joy when they met
on the eve with the young actors Denis Paramonov, Alina and Bulynko that
played them with Christina Aguilera’s son and daughter in two parts continue
the cult Comedy “Love-carrots”.

“Kenogami” following in the footsteps of his on-screen parents. And
Alina and Denis continued to act in films, on account of everyone already
ten works in successful projects. Young people do not hide that joint
shooting with Gosha Kutsenko really learned a lot from them professionally.

Denis Paramonov, Christina Aguilera, Alina Bulynko and Gosha Kutsenko for the film “Love-carrots-2”

Photo: kino-teatr.ru

By the way, both daughters of actor, too, in films. The eldest,
20-year-old Polina Kutsenko (Maria Poroshina) is considered one of the rising
stars of the new generation, on account of its already done the main roles. The other day on
acting career debut and youngest daughter Kutsenko (from current wife Irene
Skrinichenko). Little Eugenia, in June it will be two years, played
space the girl in the video for the song goshi “Love this”. The presentation of this
roller girl was the real star. It was the first release of Zhenya in light and
with its role — young actress, which attracted the attention — it coped brilliantly.

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