Gosha Kutsenko said the reasons for the divorce with Maria Poroshina

Гоша Куценко назвал причины развода с Марией Порошиной The actor recalled first marriage. According to Kutsenko, his relationship with Poroshina broke up, because it was a very difficult time. However, the former couple parted friends. Maria warmly of the former husband.
Гоша Куценко назвал причины развода с Марией Порошиной

On the eve of the anniversary of Gosha Kutsenko became a guest of Julia Menshovoj “Alone with all”. Host of the program asked the artist about his career, relationships with family and sense of humor. At this moment movie star is happily married with model Irina. They have a daughter Zhenya. However, the first family of the actor also does not forget. It often communicates with the 21-year-old daughter Polina and even knows of her lover. Daughter Kutsenko and Poroshina introduced them to her boyfriend

In the mid-90s, gosh was married with Maria Poroshina. They lived together for only five years, nevertheless was able to maintain a good relationship after a breakup. Yulia Menshova has tried to find out what exactly happened to cause their divorce, and how did you react to this situation Polina.

“She wasn’t pissed at me. There is something magical, of course, is thanks to Masha Poroshina, the mother of four children. A wise and intelligent woman. Our separation was due to the time, mid 90’s, I couldn’t help myself. We have all fallen victim to temptations. The Soviet Union collapsed, not what I”, – frankly said Kutsenko.
Гоша Куценко назвал причины развода с Марией Порошиной

All interviews and conversations Poroshina fondly said of her husband. The actress claims that he is constantly interested in the life of Pauline. She noted that everyone knows how gosh kind and helpful. According to Mary, her friends even say that she was lucky with her ex-husband.

“He’s such a leader largely by example. Is it childish is sincere. He’s not playing, he’s so,” said the star.

Гоша Куценко назвал причины развода с Марией Порошиной

Daughter Kutsenko says that he took his father’s sense of humor, and from a mother to a nervous attitude to some situations. “When Pauline was a little girl, asked her where dad is. She said, “Dad wants to stop time.” I think she already knew me,” recalls Ghosh.

Father and daughter had together to play in one picture. As told Kutsenko, he did not want to participate with the heir in one project, however, it adopted the role. “No matter how many years I was not, I still feel that connection with my father,” said the aspiring actress.