Gosha Kutsenko presented his directorial debut

Гоша Куценко представил режиссерский дебют

In Moscow premiere of the film “the Doctor”.

In the cinema “October” premiere of the painting “the Doctor” is the first directorial work of actor Gosha Kutsenko. He also wrote the script and played the main role of the neurosurgeon who every day fights for the lives of cancer patients.

Among the guests was the actor Konstantin Yushkevich, actors of the film Alexander Yatsko, Victoria Korsakova, Inna, Pivers, and others. In addition, the hall was attended by a lot of doctors who helped work on the film.

“In the film one of the characters says that neurosurgeons are elite troops of medicine who daily plunge into the most mysterious human organ – the brain, – tells Kutsenko. — So I see them as astronauts or even aliens with great awe. Talking about them, I tried to be Frank and touched on some things not to say. In my opinion, this is art. Speaking about the profession of a surgeon, I was singing odes to their work, talking about their victories and defeats. I think that this picture is for doctors, for patients and their relatives. A normal, healthy person want to close their eyes and not believe that it happens, and sometimes there is no way to protect themselves from it.”

Such a heavy topic for directorial debut was chosen. Ghosh had to face this terrible problem of cancer his mom died. Introducing the film, Kutsenko said that his father was an engineer and her mother was a doctor, and everyone wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Ghosh chose the profession of engineer, but then left the theater Institute.

— I became an actor, to then become a doctor, even for half an hour, ‘ said Ghosh.

Output pattern in the rental is scheduled for December 15.

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