Gosha Kutsenko know the truth about the death of Dmitry Marjanova

Гоша Куценко узнал правду о смерти Дмитрия Марьянова
A close family friend of the actor revealed details of the investigation.

Dmitry Maryanov


Last Thursday was the 40th day since the death of Dmitry Maryanova. Family, friends and fans still can’t believe what happened. After the departure of the artist appeared in the press and continues to receive a huge amount of conflicting information about the incident. Does the death of the actor fault of a third person will find out the investigators for particularly important cases. And while friends Maranova share their assumptions.

Gosha Kutsenko on the eve made a statement about the tragedy. He admitted that he is in close contact with the wife of actor Xenia BIC and knows many details that have not been made public. Given all this, it does not deny the probability that the incident has criminal implications.

“I can’t judge what happened with Dima, really. Now is the time of the investigations. I know the inner truth from the relatives and spouses. Now is the time – the viewer is accustomed to such things. I don’t watch talk shows. But I think that certainly there is a criminal component in his death. Degree ill-used and there!” — admitted to gosh. In addition, he revealed details of the investigation. The actor said that she works closely with the investigation and has repeatedly testified. “Ksenia I talk to, even invited her tonight. But she didn’t come, because I still can not recover from the death of Dima”, — admitted to gosh.

Kutsenko emphasized that for him personally and for many of his colleagues on the stage Maranova death was a shock. Ghosh and Dmitry was engaged in the performance “Game in truth”. “For us, of course, it is a great sorrow – we even stopped a performance in which they played together. Now while took a break…” — quoted by Gosha Sobesednik.ru.