Gosha Kutsenko is mourning the passing of a close person

Гоша Куценко скорбит о кончине близкого человека On the eve of an outstanding neurologist Ksenia Semenova. Gosha Kutsenko announced the tragic news in his microblog. The actor admitted that Xenia Alexandrovna will forever remain in his memory as the woman who made a revolution in the field of rescue children with cerebral palsy.

The famous actor Gosha Kutsenko shared with subscribers of his microblog tragic news. October 6 was not an outstanding person, doctor-neurologist, doctor of medical Sciences Ksenia Semenova. The woman has lived a great life after leaving her at the age of 98 years. Herself to Ksenia Aleksandrovna dedicated to help children suffering from cerebral palsy.

Gosha Kutsenko with its mournful post gave to understand that incredibly sorry about this loss. The artist has placed in the microblog joint photo with Ksenia Semenova and explained what it was for the kids and their parents.

“Did not our Xenia Alexandrovna Semyonova. Most humane people on Earth. No words… She will remain forever in the memory of the kids, their parents, all of whom she gave her heart, love, great knowledge, life. To the last breath she was treated, taught, and built a new hospital for children. The siege of Leningrad, a surgeon on the front lines, the founder of the first institution and directions of treatment of cerebral palsy in the Soviet Union and around the world. We called Ksenia Aleksandrovna Saint, and she smiled in response and spoke about his life’s work. Eternal memory,” wrote Gosha Kutsenko in the microblog.

The actor added that parting with Ksenia Alexandrovna will take place on Monday, October 9, at two o’clock. It will take place on the territory of the Martha and Mary convent. “It takes the Golden color of the nation. But I believe that not forever, because it is her life to live,” “Bright person, a bright memory!”, “In memory of and thanks!” – responded to the message in the microblog actor of his followers.

Gosha Kutsenko says nothing about how long he was familiar with Kseniya. But obviously fate has brought the artist, indifferent to the problems of unhealthy children, and a prominent physician Ksenia Semenova in the Fund Gosha Kutsenko “Step together.”

As reported on the official website of the Foundation he created to the tangible and intangible support for children with cerebral palsy and the families with such children, “the Subject of activity of Fund is assistance in obtaining consultative, diagnostic and medical care, the introduction of the system of physical rehabilitation, support of programmes for social adaptation of children. The aim of the Foundation “Step Together” is the final and complete integration of children in a healthy society,” is written on the website of the charitable organization.