Gosha Kutsenko has unveiled the one-year “cat-daughter”

Гоша Куценко рассекретил годовалую «лапочку-дочку»
The actor has shared his unique the.

Gosha Kutsenko with his daughter Svetlana

Photo: Social networks

Gosha Kutsenko is an active user of social networks, however it his very illustrations of his family life. He mainly uses his account for business purposes. But today, on the international “father’s Day” actor has a chance to declassify the younger daughter — Svetlana.

In his microblog a photo with the third daughter, born a year ago. From the moment of birth gosh only once showed a photo of the little Svetlana: the picture was taken in the hospital and it was impossible to consider the appearance of the girl. Interestingly, Kutsenko posing in the photo on the background of a portrait with her eldest daughter Polina. Thus the father pictured himself with two heiresses. But the four-year Eugene in the picture not included.

By the way, the response admitted that it is ready to become a grandfather…. His eldest daughter Pauline for 22 years and she is already thinking about marriage with a lover named Jan. However, the offer of marriage from a man she has not yet received. But boyfriend managed to conquer and mother of Pauline, Mary and Poroshino Kutsenko. “My daughter’s boyfriend is a good, progressive young man, very I like! By the way, I’m already ready for grandchildren. Not only her, but also to the alien,” joked the actor in an interview with reporters.