Гоша Куценко вступился за бывшую жену
The actor urged fans to help Maria Poroshina

Гоша Куценко вступился за бывшую жену

Gosha Kutsenko

Gosha Kutsenko on the Internet stood up for his ex-wife Mary Poroshina. The reason
for which the actress needed protection, became the fake microblogging
in social networks, where people who have no relationship to Kinomir, gave
himself for Maria.

“Friends! —
addressed the response on his page in the social network. Help Maria Poroshina — our wonderful actress! It
2 fake account, pretending to be Mary! Need
fight the fakes!” Actor
urged his followers to complain to the management of social networks such

By the way,
Maria has no accounts in social networks. She was on facebook, but this page are her fans. It is worth noting that Maria and Gosha, which forever linked
General’s daughter, Pauline, are in a great relationship and always spoke warmly of each
other. Maria admires the response, and its
stories about him the envy of his closest friends.

“People who are friends with him, both women and men, know about how
he is generous, kind and fair. It helps children and builds hospitals for their money.
He took for this loans and it was difficult. But he wouldn’t talk about it… —
shared Maria. And I believe that it is worthy to say. It
example for all my friends who are divorced. Say, “Well, gosh… This is for you
so lucky!” We are all very lucky that he is such a lovely and wonderful!”

“Pauline continues to live with us. But it was a young man, with whom we already introduced. The young man we liked, but while talking about marriage of Pauline is not” mom Natalia Petrovna and daughter Polina

Photo: Philip Goncharov