Gosha Kutsenko has restored sports car after the accident

Гоша Куценко восстановил спортивный автомобиль после аварии
Repair expensive machine lasted a year and a half.

Гоша Куценко восстановил спортивный автомобиль после аварии

Favorite sports car Kutsenko and a half years after the accident

Photo: @goshakutsenko (Instagram Gosha Kutsenko)

Gosha Kutsenko fully regained your favorite
the car is a stylish sports convertible Morgan, the price of which in 2014
was estimated at an average of four million seventy thousand rubles or euros. Since
then, the price of the car has increased markedly. In order to sell the “pet”, the actor
it took a year and a half and one of the best crews in Moscow.

“Oh, great day! — posted by Gosha on their page
social Network — I took after the accident my favorite Morgan. Thank you
guys! The coolest master.”

Гоша Куценко восстановил спортивный автомобиль после аварии

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: @goshakutsenko (Instagram Gosha Kutsenko)

Recall that in an accident Kutsenko was 2 July 2014.
Then the actor himself posted a photo of the broken car in the social Network, by signing
photo: “All. No Morgana. Parked”.

The accident occurred on the Garden ring in Central Moscow.
The car at which wheel there was a famous actor, rammed the car moving
perpendicular to the main movement. Fortunately, none of the participants of an accident is not
suffered. In the accident, the actor was not to blame, soon confirmed that video surveillance cameras the traffic police.

Then it seemed that to restore the car impossible. However, to
lucky for goshi, it was not so.

It seemed that the car is not repairable

Photo: @goshakutsenko (Instagram Gosha Kutsenko)

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