Gosha Kutsenko first showed newborn daughter

Гоша Куценко впервые показал новорожденную дочку
The actor shared a touching photo.

Gosha Kutsenko with his daughter

Photo: @goshakutsenko Instagram Gosha Kutsenko

Gosha Kutsenko in honor of the world Day his father shared in his first frame with a newborn daughter. The actor published a picture taken, apparently still in the hospital. It gosh posing with a baby in her arms, wrapped in a swaddling cloth.

“But today is Father’s Day! Opca of Trepca op TSA TSA! Congratulations to all the dads! Who did not — he will be ours!” — wrote the actor.

Kutsenko became the father of many children in early June. Artist canceled all plans for the next couple of months, to devote himself to a newborn daughter. The birth of a girl, rumored to be called Svetlana, became goshi most pleasant gift for the 50th anniversary, which he celebrated this spring.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy of the wife of the actor Irina, Skripchenko became known only in may this year, when she was already on an impressive period of “waiting”. Gosha Kutsenko — two daughters. 20-year-old Pauline was born in marriage with Maria Poroshina. The eldest daughter also became an actress like her parents. Second daughter Kutsenko (from Irene, Skrinichenko) in June it will be three years. Despite her young age, Jane has also became an actress, dad took her in the video for his song. Recall that Irina Skrinichenko and Gosha Kutsenko got married in 2012, before that for ten years they lived in a de facto marriage.