Gosha Kutsenko declared themselves unemployed

Гоша Куценко объявил себя безработным
Actor, the third time to become Pope, has told, than be busy in the next two months.

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: “7 Days”

11 June on NTV viewers will see the concert
“Gosh, don’t grieve!”, on the 50th anniversary of Gosha Kutsenko. One of the most popular
highest paid actors of Russia recently celebrated important jubilee, on the occasion
which made large-scale and unusual celebration.

To congratulate jubiljara it was his friends and comrades,
famous musicians and actors. Together with the honored artist of Russia on the stage
came Tree, Christina Aguilera, Polina Gagarina, Katie Topuria, Julia Samoylova,
Alexey Kortnev, M-Band, IOWA, Yulia Pak and Svetlana
Khodchenkova, Rostislav Khait and Marat
Basharov. Gosha Kutsenko and his guests put on quite a show: for two
acts viewers will be able not only to hear new music and favorite
compositions performed by an unexpected Duo, but also to see the movie, and also
a theatrical production.

Before the Grand celebration of the culprit
the celebration has shared his feelings and openly talked about plans for the near
the future: “It
a very exciting figure. By the way, many are fleeing from this number. Someone is going through
this date, but I still do not understand. All the parts and organs work, how
and 49, remains the same. Now I will be unemployed a couple of months, I will be
sports. I decided to go to the bottom to start living again”.

Immediately after finishing a musical-theater show
NTV will show a film “Exercises in perfect” in which Kutsenko played
one of the main roles. Story from Director Victor shamirova tells the story of
artistic life, which is very similar to the improvisation of the participants. On
a tour of the province sent a small acting troupe in the amount of three
famous actors and a young student, who replaced another actress right
in front of the train. They expect shameful failures and resounding success, acting
the scandals and the usual domestic issues, talking, sharing, personal recognition,
meeting with old friends and new acquaintances.