Gosha Kutsenko Anatoliy Rudenko lost business because of the crisis

Гоша Куценко и Анатолий Руденко потеряли бизнес из-за кризиса Artists were forced to close the gift shop in the center of Moscow. This decision was not made lightly, long time partners looking for the opportunity to rent new premises on favorable terms, however, these attempts have not crowned success.

      Гоша Куценко и Анатолий Руденко потеряли бизнес из-за кризиса

      Perhaps, there remained those who did not suffer from the effects of the financial crisis this year. Many businesses were forced to reconsider their views on the conduct of the business, which seriously impact on their welfare. No exception, and stars.

      Gift shop “Berries Flowers”, which the actors Gosha Kutsenko and Anatoly Rudenko opened in February of this year, went bankrupt. This project celebrity was making money not only for themselves, but for charity Fund Gosha – part of the proceeds went to the treatment of children suffering from cerebral palsy.

      “In recent months, the shopping center “atrium” greatly increased the price of rent, – says the “StarHit” finalist of the “Ice age” on the “First channel” Anatoly Rudenko. – At first we still as-that consulted, and when figures for November, I realized that in the future will not be able to pay for the area, already have started to work less. Therefore, after some thought, gosh, we began to look for a new place.”
      Гоша Куценко и Анатолий Руденко потеряли бизнес из-за кризиса

      However, to carry out conceived, the artists did not succeed – a suitable area for the shop and was not found. “Against the background of financial crisis in the country to pick up good and additionally advantageous, the room is very difficult, especially in the city centre, – explained Rudenko. – We need a store with high foot traffic, if you want to actively help children. Good client base, we, unfortunately, still to get and had not saved at all: they stood behind the counter, took orders, organized shipping. But at this stage, deliberation, came to the decision that it is necessary to stop the project… And this week has closed.”

      Now Gosha and Anatoly are searching “free walls”, planning a couple of months to implement the initiative elsewhere.

      I must say, because of the crisis many artists whose main source of income was the fees for speaking at corporate events, this year was forced to reduce the cost of their performances. Stars in crisis: what sacrifices are Leps, Aguilera and Rotaru for corporate events

      “The situation is terrible, – has told “StarHit” Evgeny Morozov. – In General I can say that the company is “RU-Concert” is forced to admit defeat. I say this with my head held high. Because the rest of the event-Agency in General has died. Of course, we continue to do activities, but what level. To eat, drink and show for 200 people and a budget of 5 million rubles. What stars can we talk? Enough is that participants “Voices,” which, in principle, no need for free, “Hands Up!”, Soso Pavliashvili or Tatyana Bulanov. All are on 10 thousand Euro”.