Gosha Kutsenko almost became a victim of the bear

Гоша Куценко едва не стал жертвой медведя
The actor spoke about how he starred in the new Comedy.

Гоша Куценко едва не стал жертвой медведя

Gosha Kutsenko and Aristarchus of wines

Gosha Kutsenko, Aristarchus of wines and Eduard radzyukevich presented
in the Vyborg festival “the Window to Europe” Comedy “Grafologia”. The film with a long history:
it was filmed by Director Vladimir Ticinum according to his scenario, however, Radzyukevich
already during postproduction. partially rewired and pereslushal tape pieces, becoming
up co-Director and co-author of the picture.

The plot: publisher Nadezhda Pavlovna hires who dreams of glory
scribblers, to kill a talented writer and assign it to a novel that will bring
the glory of her adored son. A gang of scribblers enthusiastically takes on the case, because the price
success publishing their creations.

Gosha Kutsenko, who played the unfortunate writer who had
to play with a live bear, however, a circus, already had experience of filming a movie. Actor
feeding the animal apples, trying to make friends with him. But during the filming Kutsenko
noticed something was wrong: “I felt that he was no herbivore, and predator
because it all cajoled and fed. Started with small candies, then
in the course went the cookies, cakes, and in the end was the cake! I would suspect some
a strange development… Bear dozhevyvala another piece of candy and carefully stopped
on me your glance, then he quickly slipped a new piece of candy. But then I accidentally
stepped on his paw. I remember that fresh, animal, his true opinion…
And then he just threw in the face with cake.”

Gosha Kutsenko and Aristarchus of wines

The actor says that his character — a good, crazy, inadequate,
he strongly believes in his talent, and most importantly. “We come from the theatre
universities are less talented than they were when he arrived — remember Kutsenko your arrival
in the School-Studio of MKHAT. — When I did, it is not reprimanding the letter “R”, I had
Ukrainian dialect. I read this with his accent Esenina and you did it so perfectly and
frankly, I’m in. Might get some for my insanity, for being honest. And who
I got out, look at me? I’m bald, pronounce all the letters, do not drink and play
strange characters”.