Gosha Kutsenko admitted the affair

Гоша Куценко признался в измене
The actor spoke about why broke up his marriage with Maria Poroshina.

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

Gosha Kutsenko and Maria Poroshina was one of the most harmonious couples in the domestic star Olympus. That’s why, when it became known about their parting, many were shocked by this turn of Affairs. Former spouses for more than 20 years kept secret the true causes of divorce. But on the eve Kutsenko in the “million dollar Secret” gave many years of secret.

Everything was simple: Kutsenko changed Poroshina, when their little daughter Polina was only a couple of months. Gosh confessed to Mary and she is not interested in the name of his mistress, asked him to pack up and move out.

“It was a brutal moment, — said Gosha Kutsenko. — I told Masha the truth in the face. Said, and I felt better. No I didn’t do it to hurt her… Maybe, labor has played such a role. I was not ready, was confused and made such a loss that I regret to this day.”

However, this story remained in the distant past. Now gosh and Maria communicate well among themselves. Recently in an interview with Maria very warmly responded about the former husband, calling him a “smart, wise, and original.”