Гошу Рубчинского обвинили в совращении несовершеннолетнего

Clothing Russian designer Gosha Rybchinskogo enjoys great popularity among the stars. His clothes the likes of Rita Ora, Justin Bieber and many others. This time not another design refinement has attracted the attention of the network, and scandal with a minor.

In the leaked screenshots of correspondence goshi Rybchinskogo Jan Silverlings, who is only 16 years old. In it, the designer asks the boy a photo of the bathroom. In the group of High Fashion Talk in Facebook Yang published a post to which were attached photographs and correspondence alluded to the fact that the designer sexually harassed him. “Gosh Rubchinskiy recently wrote to me. The administrators group, gave me permission to talk about it here due to the nature of these messages. I would like to show that the response cannot be trusted as a designer. Below are the screenshots, in which I tell my gosh, how old I am. Now he blocked my number, Instagram and deleted all the messages, but I have these screenshots. I’ve also included a screenshot of a video call Facetime, to show that it was he,” wrote of Silverling.

In correspondence Rubchinskiy persistently asked the guy to make your photo and send it to him. The guy refuses, arguing that the house parents. Rubchinskiy asks him to go to the bathroom and send a photo from there.

Soon after the scandal was commented by the official representative of the designer and was told that Rubchinskiy only asked the guy to send a selfie for casting. “It was a street casting for shooting lookbook. People sent us a letter with a request to consider his candidacy. This happens all the time. We conduct street casting for the show and lumbunov for many years. Gosh, talked to him on Facetime, and then asked to take a picture to the collection was a photo of him with the others. The man said that he was not alone and could not be photographed, so gosh encouraged him just to go to the bathroom and take a picture in the mirror so he could show it to the rest of the team and save. This correspondence is shown in the Instagram post that was changed and taken out of context. Obviously, there were changes and deletions to gosh looked bad, when in fact it was a simple request for a photograph to facilitate a street casting. People started to ask us very often, demanding to know about casting and acting strange. So gosh blocked the email we think that is why he is now trying to get the response to look bad and to turn what was a completely innocent casting, in what was not. We’ve been doing this for ten years, and we have never had such problems, this is unacceptable,” — said in the team of the designer.

Recall that the famous actor Kevin spacey was also charged with corruption of minors, and one of the last under a barrage also hit 42-year-old Asia Argento. The American edition of the New York Times, which published the charges Weinstein, told a story of an actor Jimmy Bennett. In 2004 he collaborated with Argento in the movie “Chicks”.
Harassment happened later. In 2013 Jimmy was 17 years old. The actress met him at the hotel where I put up a few selfies, reading about the reunion of old friends. There happened sexual intercourse. According to the actor, Asia’s actions caused him great psychological trauma.

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