“Gosh, he’s Gogh, he’s Jora” to the memory of Alexei Batalov

«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова Thursday died the favorite of millions. People’s artist of the USSR, thanks to memorable roles in such films as “Moscow does not believe in tears” and “the cranes are Flying”, died in his sleep. For many, the death of Alexei Batalov marked the end of an era in art.
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

Thursday, June 15, it became known that the national actor of the USSR Alexey Batalov has died on 89-m to year of life. Sad news, told journalists the other legends of Russian cinema Vladimir Ivanov. According to a close person of the artist, he died in his sleep. The past few months Alexey was in the hospital, because in January he broke his hip, and in February had surgery.

Died Alexei Batalov

Shortly before his death, the Director, has finally completed a multi-year litigation with a neighbor. The conflict between the men broke out over a suburban area, which the jeweler Vadim Elgart issued on itself. The court ruled that two acres of land belong to Alexey. It is worth noting that the dispute between Batalov and Elgarta caused a huge public resonance. Many fans of the actor, who used to see his name in the press in connection with creative occasions, wondered what the artist was at the center of this scandalous story.

The court defended the interests of Alexey Batalov in conflict with a neighbor

Fans Batalova can’t believe he’s gone, as the artist personified for them the epoch in cinema. “StarHit” joins condolences to the relatives of Alexey Vladimirovich remembers his best roles, and other defining moments of the biography of the star.

“In a real human life at each step there are such moments, such feelings of tension, where it is impossible to invade with the words,” wrote the Director in his book “Destiny and craft.”
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

Early career

Alexei Batalov was born in November 1928 in Vladimir. When the future star was five years old, his parents separated, mother and artist Nina Olszewski is married to writer Viktor Ardov. Since the early childhood Alexey was immersed in the world of art in his apartment, gathered the best representatives of the Russian intelligentsia – Osip Mandelstam, Faina Ranevskaya, Boris Pasternak and Yuri Olesha, Anna Akhmatova, Faina Ranevskaya, and many others.

After graduating from the Studio School named Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Moscow art Theater Batalov started his career as an actor. At different times Aleksey Vladimirovich shone on the stage of the Moscow art theatre and Central theater of the Soviet army. Batalov’s debut in film was a cameo role in the film “Zoya”. After this career of the artist took off. Gradually Alexey became one of the main faces of the Soviet cinema.


In my entire career, the actor starred in 30 films, but most known for his work in such films as “the cranes are Flying”, “Rumyantsev Case”, “captivating Star of happiness” and “the lady with the dog”. After “Moscow does not believe in tears” Alexey Vladimirovich woke up a nationwide favorite.

Fans Batalov continue to remember his most striking appearance in the paintings that have become iconic. So, in the film “the cranes are Flying” tells the story of lovers who forever separated by war, the artist played the role of Boris. The work of Director Mikhail Kalatozov was repeatedly made to the lists of best films, which tells about the difficult period in the history of the Soviet Union. “The cranes are flying” is filled with poignant shots that are forever etched in the memory of millions of viewers.

“My one and only, congratulations on your birthday… the day you were born. Leaving you is hard. But what to do, otherwise it is impossible. War! Necessary. It is impossible to live a normal life and have fun, when our land is death. We will be happy. Love, believe in you. Your Boris” – shared character Batalov.
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

In 1979, the screens out the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”, suddenly made Alexey Vladimirovich the idol of millions. In the famous picture of Director Vladimir Menshov, the actor has played mechanic Gosha, who became for millions of viewers a sample of the real man. Brutal and charismatic character Batalov began to imitate, and the ribbon was dismantled for quotes that do not lose their relevance today. “Gosh, he’s a Mountain, it’s Jora” – these words recall the role Batalov.

“But at the same time remember that everything always I’ll decide myself. For the simple reason that I am a man,” said Ghosh.
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

The teacher, Director and a great friend of students

The last few years, millions of your favorite artist rarely appeared in films, preferring other activities. Alexei Batalov was able to prove to the fans that he was a talented actor, Director, screenwriter, writer and teacher. Former students of the Institute of Cinematography with great warmth spoke of the star. Graduates of the famous University sincerely believe that Alexey has helped them place in the profession. In their number was and Alex Lemar, dedicated to his teacher touching post on social networks.

“My dear and beloved master, I thank you for what you saw in the scrawny young man’s talent and took on the budget Wykowski place to their extreme or finishing your teaching course… Incredibly grateful that instilled in me the love, wisdom, humanity in relation to the World. You are my cornerstone and Foundation of my creative life, you’re the lighthouse that I will always go, ploughing the worlds of film and television. I love you my immortal, eternally beautiful, and my master, people’s artist of the USSR and all the peoples of Alexey Batalov,” shared the actor.
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

He is a movie star openly admitted that “has not found himself in a new time”. According to Batalov, he was offered to take part in TV shows and commercials, but the actor refused, citing the fact that he does not see himself in such projects. “To play in them, I would not under any circumstances!” – said the actor.

“But still, in our age, despite instant change of fashion, idols, and techniques, this creation, combining the charm of the poet and the power of performance as hand made cabinetry, gradually developing his mastery of all the secret beauty of wood that remains the pinnacle of the art of incarnation,” – said Alexey Vladimirovich.
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

Loved ones Batalov: the terrible diagnosis of her daughter and beloved wife

The famous actor was married twice – first darling of the stars was the daughter of the artist Konstantin Rotov Irina. The wedding of actor took place when he was 16 years old. In this marriage Batalov has a daughter, Hope. It is known that after the breakup, the former lovers had maintained good relations, but when the heiress of a celebrity appeared stepfather, the communication between the ex-spouses gradually stopped.

“Hope grew up in a different family, and it is now on its own… Works as a translator. Graduated from Institute of foreign languages, specialty “English language”. Yes, that’s not it! I just admit he was a lousy father to her. That’s all”, said Batalov reporters.
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

The second wife of the famous actor became a circus artist Gitana leontenko, who starred in such films as “arena of the brave”, “circus Horse” and “Emergency dive”. Lovers legalized relations in 1963 – ten years after the first meeting. Wedding Leontenko and Batalov was quite modest, it was attended by only relatives and friends of the couple.

“Alex saw me in the arena, and I think it played a role. In normal life I seldom paid attention. But during a speech, when I with flying scythes rushed at the horse, looked very impressive. Fans were many. I was going to look like a pop star. But the preparation took so much time that the dream was only one: to sleep. I was skinny – skin and bones. And long hair…” – recalled Gitana Arkadevna.
«Гоша, он же Гога, он же Жора»: памяти Алексея Баталова

The artists raised a daughter Masha, which appeared in 1968. The girl became a long-awaited child for the couple. In recognition of Alexei Putin, he was in the seventh heaven when they learned the happy news about the upcoming addition to the family. But then an event occurred that forever changed the lives of Leontenko and Batalov. “The night was scheduled for delivery, the doctor inexplicably released surgical sister. Without it, the operation cesarean section is impossible! The result is a healthy baby girl turned into an invalid,” – said the actor.

Mary’s parents began to notice that she has problems with movement. Doctors diagnosed the girl has cerebral palsy. In recognition of Alexei Putin, the news came as a shock to them with his wife. Wife extremely hard the news that their long-awaited child became disabled.

“The disease appeared to slow, meanly… We began to notice that with the girl something: she’s a bad move. Sounded the terrible diagnosis: cerebral palsy. All this heavy load fell on the Gitana and her mother. Of course, when we realized that our girl became disabled because of someone else’s negligence, there was a sense of anger and bitterness. But I realized that clashing with someone, my daughter’s health will not return. Time was lost, we accepted… of Course, we were hoping that her daughter will recover. Didn’t want to give up,” shared the actor.

Gitana A. and Alexey have done everything that their daughter has grown and developed. Mary received an excellent education. The artists said that she enjoys reading and has mastered the unthinkable for them a number of books. After high school, Mary enrolled in the screenwriting Department VGIK. The heiress Batalov studied remotely. “Mary loves music, writes professional articles. Thanks to a special keyboard can work on the computer,” said movie star.

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