Gorillaz write the first six years album

In 2012, fans of the animated group Gorillaz were somewhat alarmed, and all because of the provocative statements by one of the members of the band, stating that the project was “unlikely” to continue due to disagreements of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. A little later, allowing controversial issues, the guys decided not to kill what was created over the years and again become a group.

In 2014 in an interview with Albarn made a statement about the return of Gorillaz in 2016. His promise kept guys and have already started work on a new album.

That the first six years the album still underway, we were told Jamie Hewlett, who recently published several videos illustrating this.

Except the frontman Albarn, the video appears producer Anthony “Twilite Tone” Khan, known for his collaboration in Kanye West, and singer Liam Bailey. They probably act as invited guests on a future record (especially as Bailey alluded to that in his Twitter account about a month ago).

Release date of the new album was not announced.

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