Gordon divorce Kiriakovich: “If the case goes to court, Milan will repeat the fate of Safronova”

Гордон о разводе Кержаковых: «Если дело дойдет до суда, Милана повторит судьбу Сафроновой» The lawyer commented on the scandal in the family of the athlete. Today it became known that the football player Alexander Kerzhakov stole son’s wife Milana Tulip. According to Kathy Gordon, she assumed that this could happen.
Гордон о разводе Кержаковых: «Если дело дойдет до суда, Милана повторит судьбу Сафроновой»

A scandal erupted in the family of Alexander Kerzhakov – Milan group today announced that football player stole their son. According to the daughter of the St. Petersburg Senator, a month she had not seen one-year-old Artemis. “He came to the country with some people climbed over the fence and took the babysitter of the child. I’m filing for divorce”, – said the young mother.

Conflict immediately called deja vu literally everyone – a few years ago Kerzhakov was forbidden to communicate with the heir to his ex-wife Catherine Safronova, accusing her of drug abuse. Then the mother stood up lawyer Catherine Gordon. According to the lawyer, now history repeats itself her trust. However, this time with Milana.

“I have long been clear that the scenario is repeated. I’m sorry Milan. And I really want her not to repeat the mistakes Safronova. I know the inner secrets of this business, all the secrets. I am ready to help Milan. Because if you bring the case to court, as happened with Safronova, she will lose all chances,” he told Gordon to “StarHit”.
Гордон о разводе Кержаковых: «Если дело дойдет до суда, Милана повторит судьбу Сафроновой»

According to the owner of the legal company “Gordon and sons”, the player uses the same method to deny ex-wife’s parental rights.

“A few years ago, I personally and my Company tried to do something to ex-wife Alexandra Safronova Kate saw his infant son. Katya has restricted the rights because according to the party Kerzhakov threat it was a raging drug addict. We were brought to the court certificates on the “purity” of the year, demanding expert, the opposing party said that former addicts do not happen. Kate gave up. Although we wanted to fight on. At the moment, Safronov, which, incidentally, is alive and well and looks great, not seen my son in 4 years,” says Gordon.

Ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov talked about the tyranny on his part

A few weeks ago a lawyer on its official website wrote an open letter, literally predicting a scandal in the family of the athlete, who has now become public knowledge.

“Kerzhakov during battles with Safronova married the daughter Tyulpanov Milan. Healthy, young, with a good education. But something in the family Kerzhakov went wrong again. And see the same scenario: before the divorce there is a big drug scandal with former Kerzhakov, and addiction is an iron basis for the deprivation of parental rights,” – says Ekaterina.

After the death of his father Milan phoned Gordon. According to the lawyer, the girl wanted to help Safronova to see my son. However, to bring the matter before the end of her and failed. She is now on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the theft of the son, she is forced to fight for a meeting with the kid.

“She said the war is not exactly need it and it is heavy. She wanted to help Kate Safronova meet with the baby. The meeting did not happen, but I heard a sad man who sincerely wanted to help,” admitted Catherine Gordon.

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